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  1. nogoodnic42

    the "SKELEBIKE"

    Re: The Building of the "SKELEBIKE" Mine is the black primer and rust Firebike that was on the end of the outside row. I like it in the basement also, I kind of wish that was where we are but its probably not going to happen. Are you going to Owasso this weekend? This is an awsome ride and...
  2. nogoodnic42

    the "SKELEBIKE"

    Re: The Building of the "SKELEBIKE" I just stumbled onto this post and I have to say that this was my favorite bike at the Autorama. My compliments to you, your artistry and your craftmanship. I can't remember if we met there, I am one of the Freakbike Militia and our bikes were on the outside...
  3. nogoodnic42

    the Wiki Tiki

    OUTFREAKINGSTANDING!!!!! I also have been away for awhile and have missed this bike. I have been waiting for over a year to see what you were going to do with this bike. Murray, what can I say, this bike was doing nothing but taking up space on my garage floor after the project was abandoned by...
  4. nogoodnic42

    Proto Chopper

    That is a very cool bike Murray great job, your son will deffinatly be riding the coolest bike in town. I also love the fact that it is a family project, Grandpa's paint job looks awsome, can't wait to see what you do with the seat...Kelly
  5. nogoodnic42

    Friki Tiki***new pix***1/23/09*3-29-2013***

    Re: Friki Tiki***new pix***1/5/09****** I love tikki bikes and this one is shaping up to be super nice. Awsome job on the paint and back rack and that seat is great...Kelly
  6. nogoodnic42

    RAG AND BONE (new pictures!)

    I just found this, I haven't been around for awhile but was told about this bike. This is a truley amazing machine and a work of art. Kuddos to you Gas, keep up the great work...Kelly
  7. nogoodnic42

    7 Year Itch plus one Scratch

    Had an awsome time down there, thanks Giggs and Chainy. Pictures can be found here http://forum1.freakbikenation.com/viewt ... a&start=15 ...Kelly
  8. nogoodnic42


    Hey guys, long time no visit. I have to say WOW!! there are some incredible bikes in this build off. I took a novel approach since I haven't been around, I haven't followed any build threads and have no idea who built what. I combed through tha awsome gallery with no prior knowlege and picked my...
  9. nogoodnic42

    7 Year Itch plus one Scratch

    Two from the West Side will be attending. So is the mythical Ricky going to actually make an appearance? See you guys there...Kelly
  10. nogoodnic42

    Owosso, Michigan Show and Cruise!

    Alright Kids I have my alarm set for four and a half hours from now, the bikes are loaded and I have new patches on my cut. I looking forward to meeting the new members and hanging with the Pedlers again oh, and of course seeing the usual bunch of Freaks. Dan service the wife and try to sneak...
  11. nogoodnic42

    Bike Updates

    Both really great looking bikes. I really dig the Fizzer, you should show it to the guys at http://motorbicycling.com/ , I'm sure they would love to see it...Kelly
  12. nogoodnic42

    Chopper project, still unnamed

    Did someone say somthing about
  13. nogoodnic42


    Way cool! Bike has some awsome lines and its a soft tail. Great job...Kelly
  14. nogoodnic42

    Nogoodnic's Seat!

    As promised here are the pictures of my bike with this awsome seat by Firewalker. I had to do a little fanageling to get it to fit as the original clamp was a pre-war and wasn't going to fit the Firebike. I pirated a new clamp from one of my new seats laying around but found that the rails on...
  15. nogoodnic42

    Nogoodnic's Seat!

    My DHL guy came knocking today and delivered my seat. Thanks Murray, it looks great. The color is close, we did a good job color matching on diffrent computers, lol. I'll post pics of it on the bike when I get it on there. I have the bike for just over a week before it goes to another gallery...
  16. nogoodnic42

    New start.....

    If you are still looking for these tires, they are Schwinn red brick 24X3s found on their Aerosport http://www.schwinnbike.com/products/bik ... php?id=787. This picture is from the Detroit Autorama and in the background you can see Giggles' Lil Pixie and my Firebike. This bike is a really good...
  17. nogoodnic42

    New Ugliest Bike

    I agree your first ugly bike is way uglier than this one, I would agree with unique. Wheres your Pirate bike in the not so ugly section? that is one of my favorites of yours...Kelly
  18. nogoodnic42

    Nogoodnic's Seat!

    WOW! :shock: That looks great Murray truely beautiful, great job. I will have my bike back from my local gallery next week and will get the seat on it before it goes to Grand Haven on the 14th. I can't wait, thanks, you are the man Murray...Kelly :mrgreen:
  19. nogoodnic42

    Nogoodnic's Seat!

    Pictures, pictures, pictures!!!! Thank you! I can't wait to see it. You are the man...Kelly :mrgreen:
  20. nogoodnic42

    Nogoodnic's Seat!

    Cool, I'm looking forward to it . BTW my bike is curently in the window of a local art gallery and another gallery has ask if they can use it for a couple weeks at the end of June, maybe with an awsome seat :mrgreen: ...Kelly