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  1. franconuevo

    Latest Cool Finds, Mohawk Autobike Allpro Mystery Cruiser

    Hello All...Found a couple of goodies last week. Have a look 1970s H.P. Snyder Mohawk 3 Speed Touring Bike Kmart Allpro Autobike 1200 6 Speed Self Shifting Cleaned serviced adjusted, this thing rides great and the shifting actually works great. I had read that the gears 'clunk'...
  2. franconuevo

    Sram X3 Dérailleur TOAST. what's a good substitute ? thanks, Franco

    I don't work a whole lot with MTN bikes, but I sold this beeeeeautiful Giant Revel to this great young kid a few weeks back. He lends bike to cousin..BAM..jams der into curb , it'a all bent and sideways and screws pulled out of the PLASTIC' HOUSING..:doh: 7speed rear. 21 speed bike. So.. s3...
  3. franconuevo

    It's a GIANT !

    Giant Revel 2 that is, again, not sure of year. I think these were made 20011 -2014 something like that..I didn't even have to search too hard for this one. Stopped in at the warehouse- storage unit- garage type thing where by buddy Jimmy has a 'fix everything ' shop there, and he just laid...
  4. franconuevo

    Columbia A&W Bike. 197? 's

    Here's a cool find I picked up, I think it was last week I'm not too concerned about the Valuation part, as that can have a wide swing according to what one perceives as 'value' Just trying to pin down the YEAR. Stamped underneath on Bottom Bracket 7174 that's it. not sure if that relates to...
  5. franconuevo

    BicycleBluesBook . COMe- on

    It's the same LIST.
  6. franconuevo

    70's? Columbia : ?

    Yo..are we only answering ?? about pre war bikes with rat trap springer forks, cuz that would be so damm boring. I'd have to head over to the cabe or bike forums or something. This is my 'go to' site..c'mon now. :giggle: Columbia..and man, the chrome parts are so nice. the components are...
  7. franconuevo

    a Columbia? a Rand, a Murray a build a mole.

    Very cool Columbia bike> A&W...must be '70s. Carefully restoring...sentimental value:happy: Columbia A&W. All torn down now and carefully cleaning..but WHAT'S THIS METAL AFTER DEGREASING ?. Some of you probably have this bike or something close to it. I mean, I've heard of bronze brazing...
  8. franconuevo

    Dérailleur, Cassette, Chain + Shifter= sloppy skipping bike or Why Cassettes Suck

    In my biz of fixing up regular bikes for reg'lar people..I found this cool old Huffy Stalker Frame w. gears no wheels '95ish, I would guess. Steel bike but very lite-weight. Figured I'd clean it paint it get it running fine and do what I do...sell it. No prob. Basically 99.9 percent of bikes I...
  9. franconuevo

    Can anyone identify this Fleetwing ?

    O, my bicycle gurus..anyone have the info on this Fleetwing bicycle, anyone familiar with it. Owned one? Fixed one up? It looks like perhaps 70s era. Ad says nothing about tire size or how many speeds, but it looks like classic sturmey /similar 3 speed English Bike. Now, I did search, I'm not...
  10. franconuevo

    Huffy 1986 Good Vibrations Junker to Klunker

    I just love these old cruisers I was lurking here the other night, and was looking at a thread, "Show us your Cranbrooks," something like that I believe, and there were some entries posted "I have a Good Vibrations, same bike basically " Maybe the new ones are, I don't know, but they are...
  11. franconuevo

    You can weld it. ends tomorrow

    Here, take these coupons to your nearest Harbor Freight store, and for just over a Benjamin...you don't have to wait on a buddy, or pay out each time you just need a quick weld. and once you get it down you can chop and weld no prob., Ive built two bikes already with this exact setup, including...
  12. franconuevo

    Murray MONTERATT

    A very little known early Murray tank bike, because it's really a no name Murray. :happy: I have a bunch of older Murray Bikes and Huffy Cruisers. This one, I started to tinker with over a year ago, but it never went anywhere...until this Buildoff. I had most of the parts from a rather clean...
  13. franconuevo

    MONTERATT - Fini

    I actually have two bikes that I've been wanting to do something with. Both were 'started' so to speak, as in cleaned up a bit, but then were banished to the back of the SHED, while I continue to work at my home grown bike business...that is, fixing up and selling regular bikes to reg'lar...
  14. franconuevo

    Ordering bike parts through Home Depot_Ship to Store Free

    I just started getting some parts through Home Depot online.... Not sure if this is the best well kept secret, but I betcha somebody's gonna find this interesting :happy...
  15. franconuevo

    Royce Union Folder

    This is a cool story. I always wanted to mess with one of these folding bikes, but the only ones that I've seen here on Clist are some Dahons that are rusted solid, and always asking 100 dollars. I saw this little Royce Union , made in Germany at my local Thrift about a week ago...looked...
  16. franconuevo

    Bikes to UGANDA

    I donated one of these bikes and my time gratis servicing, adjusting and spiffing both of them from ground up One scrapper's trash is another person's lifeline. My buddy Matt is taking these along with a shipping container filled with goodies on a mission trip to some of the poorest spots there...
  17. franconuevo

    (MBBO#05 Class 2) ** The UNVEGA ** [Muscle Road]

    The Unvega Formerly a 1985 Univega Nuovo Sport road bike Here's the build story: UNVEGA MBBO5 * Build It's not a road bike anymore.... Cut up the old beat Univega. Used all of the tubing, bearings, BB, bars, most of it, actually....weld weld paint paint assemble, grease...
  18. franconuevo

    '74 Schwinn Breeze. Adventures at the Thrift.

    I went to Thrift today..looking for some 'bling' for my MBBO UNVEGA bike....and look what I dragged home This baby was garaged...no rust.no kiddin'.going to shine up like you read about. Geez..and, after I just sold two on CList yesterday, I thought I had gained a little room in the bike shed...
  19. franconuevo

    Fresh Flipper Finds * Fotos

    Try saying that fast 3 times...Fresh Flip Finds Fresh Flip Finds Fresh Flip Finds. OK...I should be working on the Unvega for the MBBO...but I was gathering, cleaning up some bikes last several days A couple of good ones to Flip...or ride for a while, then flip...or...to just jam in the...
  20. franconuevo

    Greenbriar Free Spirit : Free Find

    Free....Not a bad price...sitting curbside with a bunch of fencewood that I gathered up this morning For some odd reason, I always wanted a Free Spirit...maybe to match my 70s Vista, they look similar, ladies bikes from that era. Dark Hunter Green..I don't know much about it...you think it's...