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  1. Larry

    ID These Tires

    They're probably Big Hanks @ 2.5"
  2. Larry

    40's monark

    Nice bike, I saw that on CL.
  3. Larry

    Schwinn find... ID help

    October 17, 1950. I don't know what model. That's a really nice find though. Great color.
  4. Larry

    Swap meet finds

    The stand on the monark is cool. You need to kick the little arm with the spring forward to lock it in the down position, otherwise it can just roll off the stand on its own. I used to have a mama-chari with one. To unlock it, kick the arm back, roll it off the stand and it should retract on...
  5. Larry

    Girls Schwinn Bike

    71 suburban.
  6. Larry

    Finally a Monark... Almost done.. New photos 3/29

    You've reached perfection. Does the old horn unit just not work or is it corroded? Sometimes you can tweak them into working again by adjusting a set screw on them.
  7. Larry

    POP QUIZ- W/PRIZE!! 3-29

    Pink Floyd released Animals somewhere around 78. The 9 year/dead connection makes me think it was another band from woodstock. Sha-na-na! I keep wanting to say Commander Cody, or some band like that.
  8. Larry

    Something different about this middleweight

    Dude, yep.
  9. Larry

    Ugly 24" bike

    Wow, same bike showed up on C/L. I just emailed for it, but when things are cheap on sfbay craigslist you gotta be quick, so I doubt I'll be getting it. http://sfbay.craigslist.org/pen/bik/1086816869.html
  10. Larry

    The most awesome... thing ever

    Needs a drink holder though. http://cgi.ebay.fr/ANCIEN-VELO-TRICYCLE ... 500wt_1178
  11. Larry

    red schwinn-new summer ride

    No, it's not a 53. it's 60 to 64.
  12. Larry

    red schwinn-new summer ride

    Huh. I immediately thought sandwich.
  13. Larry

    Stinray and some hinged hoopties

    I told you it was a sketchy deal!
  14. Larry

    Stinray and some hinged hoopties

    This was delivered to me last week. A sketchy craigslist buy. The wheels need a going through. It's looks cool though. I'm gonna take off some sweet jumps. Last fall I scooped a folder bike for really cheap and ended up really liking it. I use it for almost all of my neighborhood errands...
  15. Larry


    I've straightened bent weinmann calipers with varied results. If I were to try straightening the one in the picture, I would use a vise to flatten it, and of course protect the finish with cardboard, wood, whatever.
  16. Larry

    1971 Orange Varsity

    Nice score, but check the frame and fork for straightness. I can't really see it clearly, but it looks like the top tube and the down tube is bent near the head tube. I had a nice one last year. It was a really sweet riding bike for what it is.
  17. Larry

    'Love the beast' drive in premiere (pics)

    Aussie cars are ausome! I especially like the great pains they go through to convert american cars to right hand drive. Plymouth A-body ute. I'd love to get my hands on one of these and convert it to a left hand drive valiant or dart.
  18. Larry

    Are these bikes worth the asking price?

    Pass on the santa rosa bike, it's not worth that much. Yes on the silver king, but check the frame carefully and make sure it isn't cracked anywhere.
  19. Larry

    Hub Width Question

    Flip-flop hub with a thread on disc or a threaded disc adapter.
  20. Larry

    length of spokes on 7 speed nexus to 26''

    There you go, That ought to hold you.;)