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    1950 Columbia, the Big Nuts Bike

    With a seat like that...do you sing soprano in the choir??
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    ☣☢ VerBoten ☠ϟ - Elgin Twin Evanaction Build FINISHED - 1st Place!! THANKS!!!

    Hey Kingfish, I've been on the road so I'm a little behind, but Verboten looks fantastic. Knowing that pictures rarely do justice to actual, I can only imagine how truly impressive it actually is. Question is...how many pictures did you take that didn't make the cut for posting???
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    (BOTEN) "OUTLAW" ...Withdrawn from the build-off...

    Luke, you might keep in mind the throttle cables for motorcycles with twin carbs.
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    (WBO 2015) CAT Bike (COMPLETED!)

    Hope you can find a place to photograph your entry movin' some earth like a CAT should.
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    WBO-Fully Sprung Elgin- **Tested/Finished**

    Only having your photos to go by...could you put spacer/spacers on the stem under the bottom bearing? It looks like that would bring everything into alignment (though it would cause a gap below). Really like what you doing.
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    (WBO) SGT. ROCK finished (for now)

    Is that red frame a Typhoon? It looks alot like my old paper-route bike from 52 years ago. Still like the looks of it.
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    (WBO) Super - Sonic......1957 Chevy parts....finished, finished,, FINISHED!!!

    That chain guard is very close to the shape and look of the rear fenders of a '56 Mercury. Especially cool look to that.
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    Frisco Flip (formerly Trike Trimmings)

    I can only say it this big....WOW!!!
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    █★█ starsNbars █★█ 38 Hawthorne Twin Bar 5 Bar ☠ - Red White and RUST - Tied for 7th Place

    I started to, but knew that just wouldn't do. Johnny Reb must be proud.
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    █★█ starsNbars █★█ 38 Hawthorne Twin Bar 5 Bar ☠ - Red White and RUST - Tied for 7th Place

    It looked great when I saw it last month. From the pictures, I'd say you have progressed even farther toward a "Savannah Doodad Dandy". Stick a feather in it. Looks to me like we are all going to need more votes.
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    Glendular Fever

    Darth Vader called....he wants his bike back!! How's your neck feeling?
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    TRAMP STAMP (7/30) 6 years,6 bikes,6 pics!!!

    I gotta ask...did the display blanket give you the color pallet for the bike or vice-versa. Either way, the colors and simplicity of the pinstriping are tops. Really like this one.
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    DRAG KING ___Raceliner Dragster___

    page 25 -- post 491.
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    DRAG KING ___Raceliner Dragster___

    This may be too late, but you should take a clue from the drag car pictured several pages ago for your headlight color.
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    █★█ starsNbars █★█ 38 Hawthorne Twin Bar 5 Bar ☠ - Red White and RUST - Tied for 7th Place

    I finally made it home and wanted to thank you again for the cruise, info and history lesson. Savannah is a terrific place to ride and I'm really glad we were able to hook up. I see you got your 'horny' cabled up. I like the way the horn seems to 'nod' as it is activated. I know it has been said...
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    *** Blue Arrow & Minnehaha >>>>>>>>>>DONE

    So that is what people are using their SRX's for.
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    Lucky # 7

    While your taking requests...I could use a set of triple clamps wide enough for 4.25 wheel/tires. Let me know, I'll provide specs.
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    Re: ☆★☆ "BIG JIM" ☆★☆ CALLING IT DONE, DONE, DONE, DONE, DONE! I don't know about anyone else,... but I think that 'ROADTRAIN' sign would be entirely appropriate on the tail end of "BIG JIM"!!!!
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    Triple tree style forks?

    Re: Tripple tree style forks? I've been looking at that also. All I've come up with is having top and bottom triple clamps custom machined, wide enough to spread the fork tubes to clear the fat wheel/tires. Bryan
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    Mongoose Beast Fat Bike build and ideas

    Gentlemen, I must apologize. Axle to axle on the beast is 44" (not 14", as i previously posted). I have no excuse for my incompetence, but now I understand why everytime I cut something to length, it is wrong. And, Thursdays are my medication days.