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  1. kentercanyon

    early 1980s looptail 26" BMX Jamis Boss Sand Jam Cruiser chromoly

    Got this from college campus community bike shop for next to 'nuthin. Definitely shows it's era with the bright colors and Miami Vice style lettering. Only got one wheel which is sad because the tire has a pattern of sea shells for tread! c. 1979-81 Jamis "Boss Cruiser" with "Sand Jam"...
  2. kentercanyon

    random circa mid-80s? tandem

    Random Tandem by kentercanyon posted Oct 30, 2016 at 1:45 AM Random local craigslist ad for tandem. ID?
  3. kentercanyon

    rough Ladies pre-war & postwar fivebar

    Just got these from a elderly tire dealer who has a twisted pile o' bikes he's selling off in the 30-50 dollar range. Haven't even got them off the car for a closer look yet, but I thought I'd post here for some ID help and to share the source if anyone in 78704 area is interested. He has a WWI...
  4. kentercanyon

    postwar straightbar ID sought

    Here we have a "not in the barn, but outside the barn" farm-fresh boy's straightbar that looks to be postwar. Front facing dropouts, a Komet coaster hub and no apparent badge holes or paint traces where a badge would have been. Peaked fenders and an attractive rack but no chain guard...
  5. kentercanyon

    Coaster brakes and safety

    What's the consensus opinion on vintage coaster brakes vs say, the current shimano designs? I'm building up a prewar ladies bike for a friend and the issue of safety has been raised : while I'd put a bendix RB2 circa 1963 on it if it were for myself - given what I've got on hand- my brother...
  6. kentercanyon

    1941 ladies Western Flyer "patina'd" resto

    Making this for a friend and neighbor out of "seconds" I have laying around. The original bike was found by me over a decade ago at an estate sale, and supposedly belonged to a schoolteacher who used it during WW2 gas rationing days to commute to her job in Austin, Tejas. The killer bits were...
  7. kentercanyon

    WD-40 and 0000 steel wool - now what?

    Working on a ladies prewar bike that was stored indoors for much of it's time. The paint is faded and pocked w mild rust but this whole bike is going to be approached in a pretty casual style. I'm using seconds and leftovers for parts as an experiment in restoration techniques so that next...
  8. kentercanyon

    prewar ladies wards hawthorne ID sought

    This frame had a Morrow coaster, no truss rods and peaked fenders. A lucky 7 style seat post and no grips that I recall. It sported a nice license plate from Austin 1942 however and was ridden by a schoolteacher, I am told during the war years since she did not qualify for much gasoline during...
  9. kentercanyon

    ladies Western Flyer with ID tag

    This lovely lady has seen better days but the unusual tag on the BB made me wonder who made it. She sported a New Departure Coaster brake, no tires and some decent truss rods that she's donating to my '37 WF. The head badge has two rivets in vertical alignment. Normal chain (not skiptooth)...
  10. kentercanyon

    seized neck/headset has my truss rods prisoner!

    Found a very crusty prewar girls bike with some truss rods I'm trying to salvage. Trouble is, the stem is seized and the crown nut of the headset is half disintegrated. Also the forks are bent so the steering tube is hard to move. I think my best bet is gonna be a hacksaw but I'm open to...
  11. kentercanyon

    define "fresh" : western flyer ladies rust-tree

    New Departure coaster hub and rusty truss rods caught my eye. May not be worth the effort... but who can resist. It's been sitting against this tree in front of a student party-house for more than a year that I've noted. I think it wants to come home with me now. I might leave a six pack in...
  12. kentercanyon

    crusty sears 26 ladies higgins - year, aks ?s

    Here is my neighbor's bike she is asking me to help her restore. Looks like the serial starts with 62 and I'd say that's a good guess on the year as well except that I can't find any examples with the bobbed rear fender like hers has. My first guess is that this is a JC HIggins built and...
  13. kentercanyon

    famous cyclist on unknown bike

    Extra points for those who can identify this young man from Butte, Montana who made a big name for himself, and whose motto was "color me lucky." He was born in 1938, so the bike is probably from later than that.
  14. kentercanyon

    jap 80s BMX neck

    What is this exactly? I recall seeing these back in the day and it looks semi like an early cooke bros neck but it isn't.... in bulbous lettering it says WIN or something similar - looks like two Js mirror imaged like "J reverse J" plus an " I " and another letter. Obvious motorcycle...
  15. kentercanyon

    "...and I make Westerns" buildoff 8 '37WFlyer

    So I/m ready to join in my first build off, but this ain't my first rodeo as far as fixing up an old bicycle goes. viewtopic.php?f=21&t=71280 I started a thread about this frame when I found it a few weeks ago, and decided to wait until the build-off to begin. The earlier thread has some...
  16. kentercanyon

    "...and I make westerns"

    I'm building another bike, like I always like to do. What's different this time is that I'm gonna do it with y'all. My skateboard/punk rock buddies back in the day used to have a rule about these things - and that was that a good bike shouldn't cost more than nine dollars to get you around in...