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  1. nogoodnic42

    Art show 5-10-08

    Hey everyone, I've been asked to try and get some bikes together for an art show in Fremont this comming weekend http://www.ncca-artsplace.org/exhibits.htm. I know its short notice, I just found out myself. I've had one of my bikes on display here for a Art of the Motorcycle show a couple of...
  2. nogoodnic42

    Thrift store find

    Dad and I saw this bike sitting in front on an area thrift store the other day while on the way to dinner. He went back to check it out, called me to see what I thought about it and it sounded like a good deal so today we went down and picked it up. What I found when we got there is a new...
  3. nogoodnic42

    Ann Arbor/Saline 2008

    Hey guys, I just recieved this via MySpace. Mark your calanders its going to be a good time...Kelly Show Information Please join us for the biggest, the oldest, the best antique and classic bicycle show in the country! MICHIGAN’S ANN ARBOR/SALINE CLASSIC BICYCLE SHOW AND SWAP MEET April...
  4. nogoodnic42


    Anyone around the mitten going to the Grand Rapids Autorama next weekend? As of right now there should be atleast two FBMGL bikes represented and it would be cool to have more. Here is a link to the the shop, Petri & Sons, hosting the event http://www.petribikes.com/ If interested contact Debbie...
  5. nogoodnic42

    Big Schwag's Rat

    Ran accross this the other day and thought you guys might like it http://www.brightcove.tv/title.jsp?titl ... el=2621254 ...Kelly
  6. nogoodnic42

    E-bay Deviate

    A few of you were checking out my Deviate made by Nirve down in Clarkston and seemed to like it. Here is one comming directly from Nirve on e-bay now http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi ... :WNA:US:12 . These pop up occasionly, I think they are blowing them out...Kelly
  7. nogoodnic42

    Charity case

    I just found these pics in my cammera and thought I'd share. Heres a bike that I did earlier this spring for one of the kids in our church. I had ask him and his brother when it was just getting warm if they were ridding thier bikes yet and eight year old Reid got this really sad look on his...
  8. nogoodnic42

    Couple of interesting things at the local car show

    Went to the car show at the national babyfood festival in Fremont MI. First I have to say the rat rod thing hasn't caught on here yet so it consisted of hot rods and shiney customes with a handful of cool trucks thrown in. Heres a couple of things that caught my eye. What's wrong with this...
  9. nogoodnic42

    BRNK Morgtitian

    As some of you may know or have read in the most recent BRNK, I was the winner of the Firebikes Morgtitian frame raffle. Since I recieved the frame I have been itching to ride it so I decided to mock it up with parts taken from other bikes in my stable. I also had a Choppers US springer that I...
  10. nogoodnic42

    Industrial trike

    Well I officially throwing my hat into the ring. I'm not sure this will be concidered a rat but its what I'm working on so I thought I'd share. The bike that I was going to build up is a Hurcules but I quickly found out that Brit bikes have funny sized wheels and tires. Neither of which I have...
  11. nogoodnic42

    Rat Pixie

    Heres how I spent my evening. Beware of the RAT PIXIE!! I put this bike together for the Freeze Your Dickiens Off cruise tomarrow, I wasn't sure if I would get it in time. The bike was a $3 yard sale find, the banana seat is off of my very first bike, handle bars off of a childhood BMX, peddals...
  12. nogoodnic42

    New guy here

    Hi my name is Kelly and I'm a bikaholic, some of you may recognize me from other bike forums. First off I would like to thank you for creating a forum for bikes that arn't in pristine condition and are so fun to ride and play with. I have been into bikes since I was a young kid learning bicycle...