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  1. Mtn Goat

    Lil' Rocket - a 24" wheeled Transition Bottlerocket-Updated 2/6/17

    Racing BMX... he is going to love that bike! Hope I have to stand in line one day to get his autograph! Tell him good luck & best wishes from the RRB crew!
  2. Mtn Goat

    Trucktrike done and dusted

    That thing is COOOOOL!!! Nice job!! Totally different... I really like it
  3. Mtn Goat

    Desert Rat-ified Columbia

    Nice job OJ. Followed the build. Never thought about aging new tires like you did. Going to use that tip!
  4. Mtn Goat

    Edgy Elgin Rat - EER Finished

    Agree..... SWEET!! :113:
  5. Mtn Goat


    Cool build! I have my first road bike that I have been trying parts on. Looking forward to it. :thumbsup:
  6. Mtn Goat

    Extended Cruise - Added to Finished Build Thread

    Creativity + Engineering + Build skills! Well done... It's krazy cool!
  7. Mtn Goat

    Laid Back Seat Post

    Thanks for the help! I did send Chad a PM but didn't get a response. Sutter Street looks like a nice shop. Thunderbeard sent you a PM.
  8. Mtn Goat

    Laid Back Seat Post

    I need a laid back seat post for my 1960's Schwinn Speedster. Who's the go to guy now that slowriderz has moved on? I prefer American made.
  9. Mtn Goat

    WBO Double Bar Digger

    Thanks, great price at 3g! Looking forward to seeing your finish bike and more Vegas desert!
  10. Mtn Goat

    WBO Double Bar Digger

    Hey Chewy What wheels are you running? Looks like the wider rims fit the 2.35s really nice. Love the bike and that it gets ridden hard!
  11. Mtn Goat

    Looking for a laid back post for a 60's Schwinn Speedster. I need it laid back about 3 or 4...

    Looking for a laid back post for a 60's Schwinn Speedster. I need it laid back about 3 or 4 inches and will use the stock seat. Zip is 30528. First time ordering so let me know how it works. Whats the time frame and cost? Thanks, Jeff
  12. Mtn Goat

    Rata del Rio Concho: 1955 Huffy father/son project.

    Henry is a lucky kid! There are plenty of lessons to learn having fun outside with dad! :thumbsup:
  13. Mtn Goat

    'MOONSHINE ??? ( Express or Bandit )'

    I'm with Luke, really cool with the 2 baskets- cycle truck style. Looks like it should be hauling some moonshine.
  14. Mtn Goat

    Rata del Rio Concho: 1955 Huffy father/son project.

    Awesome! Tell Henry we will be watching!
  15. Mtn Goat

    Patina, Please!

    Frame, fork, fenders all matching up nicely!!! :113:
  16. Mtn Goat

    Harlequin T - FINI (or not)

    Nice job Carl! Certainly thinking outside the box! Was the suicide knob also known as the "necker" knob for holding on to your lady and driving with one hand? I think necker was a reference to making out.
  17. Mtn Goat

    ☆BOBBED ROSS☆ '65 Ross DeLuxe. ~fin~

    Those bars, light and speedo are looking awesome! Looking forward to seeing your build progress. Bob would be proud!
  18. Mtn Goat

    New guy from NC

    Welcome! I have a sister in law that lives right outside Mount Airy, NC. We will have to stop by the shop next time we are in town.
  19. Mtn Goat

    New Guy from Moonshine country

    Thanks Luke. Love your style and work. Looking forward to following your next build. Jeff
  20. Mtn Goat

    Seasons Greetings from NH! ~ New Guy ~ '47 DX ~ thetwentyoneballoons

    Well said! As a fellow newbie, this site appears to be the place you can dumpster dive for your bike and parts or spend some big money... but everyone gets respect. Looking forward to see what you do with the DX. Jeff