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  1. scrumblero

    Free Pugeot mixtie east bay

    looks to be mid 70's https://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/zip/d/oakland-peugeot-bike/7084887274.html
  2. scrumblero

    Free K50 comp 3's 20" east bay

    and a set of 16" wheels to boot. https://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/zip/d/san-ramon-free-kids-bike-tires-and/7084930532.html
  3. scrumblero

    High Sierra boomerang

    I gave this frame to a buddy of mine to put 24's on for his girlfriend ten years ago , after sitting in the rain for a decade he returned it. It's going back to a 26".... coaster. :grin:
  4. scrumblero

    Photo finish?

    Two hours left and half the field is still on the track! :eek:
  5. scrumblero

    The Nut Shack

    1980's Miyata Ridgerunner converted to 26" BMX with old school parts and V-brakes. A huge thank you!! to my friends teenage daughter Samantha that did the art on the frame for me. She deserves most of the credit on this one. There are some close up's of the artwork on the build thread...
  6. scrumblero

    Fixie Slayer (done)

    Im' bored stiff waiting for my BO12 frame to get done, so i am gonna attack this old Motobecane now that I finally got it apart. I got it shaved and spayed some rattle aluminum over the scars that matches incredibly well! The secret weapon... ;)
  7. scrumblero

    Anyone else see this?

    It's a few hours south of me, still gonna call him. https://sfbay.craigslist.org/sby/bop/d/huge-vintage-bicycles-and/6198010807.html
  8. scrumblero

    Motobecane curb score.

    Saw this on the way home from the BBQ joint and had to throw it over my shoulder and drag it home. :21: Looks nice and straight! love the chrome lowers on the forks.. Should make a nice fixie!
  9. scrumblero

    Can we get a build link in the "Finished" post?

    There are so many builds I can't keep em all straight.. Can we get everyone to post a link to their build thread in their finished post? :wondering:
  10. scrumblero

    It's calling to me..

    I got this OCC chopper along with some other bikes I picked up. I don't know why but I want to put this unicycle hub on it.. :crazy2: OCC big wheel maybe? Burrito penny farthing?
  11. scrumblero

    The Nut Shack (done!)

    I have an OCC drift trike I am puting parts together for, but realize I will never finish it in time. :shake: So I'm gonna do yet another strandie to go bar hopping on cause I feel like I still haven't found the perfect size for me after the last 2.. 84' 17" Miyata with a 21" top tube. and...
  12. scrumblero

    Anyone need some 80's shwinn 26's with 12g spokes?

    80's shwinn 26's drop centers with 12g spokes, OG Taiwan Schwinn steel hubs These will clean up nice with some naval jelly or an OA bath, no black spots on the spokes.. I will do the work if you have something really cool!
  13. scrumblero

    Best go-cart tires for drifting

    I am rounding up parts for my BO12 project and want to get the right cart rims/tires to run ABS pipe on. Anyone know anything about puttin pipe on a drift trike? :wondering:
  14. scrumblero

    One or many?

    As I was fixing a flat on my Rudge tonight. I realized I hadn't ridden my MTB since I put a new bottom bracket in it last week.. I ride every day at least once to town ( a couple miles away) and usually get another ride in even if it is just down to the bar. 90% of the time I take a single...
  15. scrumblero


    I bought this DK 6-pack at the swap to steal the cranks off it, but after looking at it and my love for midschool tanks, I will be cleaning it up and riding it. (at least for awhile)
  16. scrumblero

    $25 flea market 6-pack

    I think it's an '04. Looks to be complete sans the wallyworld front rim. :D
  17. scrumblero

    Scrum's strandie's

    I love these things! Yeah, I'm all about black and chrome.. o_O I have one on the stand I'm working on right now.
  18. scrumblero

    Crazy find in SF garage today!

    A buddy of mine asked me to I.D some cars in S.F today for a freind whose boyfriend had passed away. Needless to say I was floored!! She said I could have first dibs on whatever I wanted once the lawyers come through. :dance2: 1953 MB 300s cab. 1953 BMW 3200cs Ghia coupe 1957 BMW...
  19. scrumblero

    Next victim on the hook

    Just finished up a BMX coversion on one like this and my kid says he's gonna steal it. :inlove: I was exactly what I have wanted but was still a little tight for me at 6'4" so I grabbed it's big brother today at the bike recycler.
  20. scrumblero

    BMX beer getter

    Life is finally giving me some bike time so I'm gonna do BMX style 26" with a rack to haul beer on. Starting with an 88' Schwinn Essence chromoly MTB frame. I like the 990 mounts! :cool2: