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    SOLD 1939? Westfield racer

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    Armstrong English bike

    I have a Armstrong three speed bike that I was taking parts off of for my antiques until I discovered the rear wheel has 40 spikes. It’s mostly complete except for the seat. $40 plus shipping.
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    SOLD 1939? Westfield racer

    Westfield road racer for sale. It’s all original paint and wood rims. Would not take much to make this bike a rider. $1000 plus shipping.
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    1970’s rollfast

    rollfast bike I pulled out the weeds. I put a different set of wheels on it and rode it. For restoration or parts. $100 obo plus shipping
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    Hello everyone

    Hi my name is Charlie and I have a few bikes. First bike is a 1895 Columbia. Second is a 1920 Iver Johnson. Third is a 1954 western flyer. Fourth is a 1952 or 1957 Schwinn. Fifth is a 1972 Schwinn twinn. Sixth is a 1929 or 1939 Westfield.