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    A Poppa Wheelie Retrospective

    the Dyno Mooneyes bikes didnt come with Moon Disks. They sold those as accessories...for like 350 bucks! Definetly cool, but no thanks.
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    A Poppa Wheelie Retrospective

    yep GT/DYNO ... same person, Gary Turner. I grew up riding GT Pro Performers ... thats where the love came from! :mrgreen:
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    A Poppa Wheelie Retrospective

    So its been quite a while. I've kinda been on a hiatus (still been lurking around this awesome site tho). I just moved to Denver and thru out the past year I had to sell all my bikes. I really couldnt bring'em with me, we had no room. Well, here in Denver, the cruiser scene is HUGE! So i've been...
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    Starfire - Orange Hot Rod's significant other

    love the bike! super clean! who's the manufacturer of those crank arms? i like'em...never seen'em before.
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    Gold Digger

    that thing is sooo f'n RUDE!!!! i love it!
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    the Wiki Tiki

    Re: the Weki Tiki or (The Gilligan!) ahhh daaang. im likin' it already. i've been thinkin' about revampin' the "kreeki tiki". I think this is gonna be the inspiration I needed. :mrgreen:
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    black bikes?

    Here's my assortment...... guess you can say I like black bikes :mrgreen:
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    poppa's hotrod fixie!

    Hey kids, its been awhile. So a few months ago I dove head first into this fixie craze, and now its like, I ride the crap outta this bike! Its so much fun. And its really like a whole new way of riding a bike. What really drew me to'em was just the simple, clean lines. No cludder. No crap. And...
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    Too many parts!

    is that the back half of a swingbike? in coppertone? oooh poppa want!
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    Dirty Rat... Before and After

    hey those colors look familiar...where'd you get that idea? :P
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    Rat Race project

    Here's my '64 Racer I've been tinkering with. Unfortunately I didn't take any "before" shots when I started taring into it. I do that alot, I get so excited when I get'em home I just start goin' nuts! Had some fenders on it w/ some pullback bars and a black "S" seat.....lame. A buddy of mine...
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    My new Rat.

    Whats up kids. Some of you guys might remember my "Key Rat"..... well he's gone now. I traded it off for some tattoo work :P I was feelin a little bad at first, but a tattoo is forever, so I'm over it. Anyways, I was needin a new Rat so I did some parts swappin on the Galaxy Flyer and here...
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    loco gringo ( like a party )

    no I still have it. I changed the bars up on it. I like it muchy bettah. I'll have to take some updated pix and post.
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    Your Favorite bike

    This is my first Rat Rod I built 8 years ago and it's still my favorite. I got more miles on this bike then any of'em. :mrgreen:
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    Bikes from germany (News on Page 2)

    Re: Bikes from germany that black kustom is soo sick !!!
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    Merry Christmas!

    I totally agree, the rear slick (which is an actual Schwinn) and the springer alone make it well worth the walmart price. Plus little man's stoked!! :P Good Job Pa !!
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    new finds, new projects

    this one I'm most excited about. its an early 60's JC Higgins. (if anybody knows of a site that can confirm the year, that'd be awesome). I picked it up at the local flea market for 60 bucks. at first when i first saw it i thought, "its perfect! I wanna leave it just the way it is. put some new...
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    loco gringo ( like a party )

    i was wondering how long it was gonna take for somebody to get it :mrgreen: . the RevHo...one of thee best bands to see live. I'll go see'em everytime they come around.
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    First Attempt

    love it! you fricken nailed, first try!
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    How to build a low-buck Fixie

    very kool post! just what I needed to kick myself in the butt :mrgreen: . and here I was looking for a flip flop hub when I couldve been useing the original one this whole time. I got a schwinn world sport I've been itchin to build...pix to come. thanx alot