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    "BRUTE BIKES" Lets make em happen!!!

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    '62 Typhoon wheelset, white w black pins, 26"

    Original Schwinn S-7 wheelset, unrestored w brand new, never on the pavement, mini brick whitewall tires. Wheels have a nice patina, but are 100% straight, roll smoothly and brake nicely. $200 + shipping OR trade for ?? Things I can always use: 26" cruiser tires, (not the S-7s), Brooks (or...
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    How about a thread for nothing but 62 straightbars?

    Heres my entry...
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    So if anyone out there has either a really nice Epiphone Les Paul, or a lower end Gibson Les Paul or SG, firebird or flying V they would like to trade for some bikes, hit me up. The first bike is the 72 Schwinn Strandie BMX cruiser, the second one is Nanner slap, and the 3rd is my 54 Schwinn...
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    SOLD '72 Schwinn "strandie" $450 + shipping

    26" Chicago Schwinn frame, earth cruiser forks, arai aluminum rims, new tires, dia compe brake, freewheel, bear trap pedals, black ops dawg bars, SE seat, stock seat post, very fast and agile bike. All re-greased and rolls real smooth. No rattles or jingles.
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    Nice shape Schwinn Corvette. 1954, "bomber" style. Coaster rear, vintage caliper front. $250 + shipping...$350 if you want all the original 3 speed parts: chrome wheels, fenders, brakes, etc...
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    SOLD NANNER SLAP IS FOR SALE $175 + shipping

    80s Jamis cruiser. New tires & grips, all re-greased and polished. Xlnt condition. Chrome is in rally nice shape
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    62 Typhoon straightbar

    Finally had time to finish it. Landing gears, Arai 26" aluminum wheels w coaster brake, original cranks, Wald bars, brooks copy, (best $50 copy I have ever seen) ACS layback post
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    Straightbar stylin'

    So I took the '62 out on its "maiden" voyage tonight. Was gonna go full BMX w 3 piece alloy cranks, polished alum wheels, etc, but I think I really this configuration...just a cool, solid cruiser.
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    62 Typhoon wheel set, original condition

    62 Typhoon wheelset, white w black pinstripe, perfectly straight, little rusty, but not bad for 58 years old. Both wheels spin nice and straight, and coaster brake works as it should. Comes with 2 brand new s-7 small brick whitewall tires. Trade for vintage bmx cruiser stuff, (bars, goose neck...
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    So I have this brilliant idea...

    Im sure its probably been thought of before, but it it literally just hit me as I was looking at picture of a bike called "devilwing". The name of the bike was below the photo of the bike in a cool, artistic font...same as they do in car mags...then it hit me. What would it take to turn RRB into...
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    The true value of this hobby...

    So this little post is nothing more than to feed the need of the somewhat narcissistic "writer" that is buried deep within the guise of an old, ex BMX racer who still loves bikes and thinks what he has to say is of any importance amongst a sea of like minded individuals. I know it sounds odd...
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    So, here's the long and short of it. Bought a Jamis BOSS cruiser w beautiful blue anodized rims. Went to clean them w a little polish and it ate right through the 35 year old anodize.:envy::envy::envy::20::20::20::headbang:So at that point, made the decision to remove all the color...such a...
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    So I did it again...

    I didn't need it. I kinda wanted it. Now I have it. Another offerup earth cruiser for $80. Halfway through the clean up. So far, pretty good. Have no idea what Im gonna do w it...except maybe put the forks on Nanner slap...
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    Bikes & salads are healthy. (Tried to make it relevant to the forum...) Lets hear your best (uncommon) salad ingredients...to stay in riding shape

    Mine would be sliced almonds, blueberries and roasted red peppers. Post pics!!!
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    Can I get a couple of opinions on the Jamis earth cruiser?

    I found a clean one on CL for $75
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    So im using the new word I recently learned in a sentence...

    Word: "BOMBER" Use in a sentence: So I took the "BOMBER" out for a cruise of Lido today....the view never gets old
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    Adding to the confusion...

    So ive been in this hobby for many many years. I know the terms "Klunker", & "Strandie" and the debate over what makes which one which...But I was thrown for a loop this AM when I read a term I have never heard of before this morning: "BOMBER". Just when you think it safe to go back in the water...
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    Any headset experts out there?

    So on my Kamehameha build, I put landing gear forks (1" threaded) on a 52 Schwinn Excelsior, 26" cruiser frame. I used an aftermarket headset I had laying around but it is not correct. Its either too loose or tight and wont stay put. I bought the frame off Ebay and it came w no headset. So a...
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    So I was bored pt:2

    So as promised, the new...yawn.. bars on my 54 Vette "pseudo" board tracker. Sorry...felt like I was gonna doze off lookin at the pics.