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    Psychobilly Cadillac (BO16)

    As usual I'll just be making things up as I go along. Due to the bike boom I haven't ended up with any donor bikes in the past year so picking are slim.
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    Bikes with Diamond frames.

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    These short wheelbase bikes are a blast.
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    I ordered a new bike!

    451 is nice because it's a little larger diameter which helps the gearing a bit.
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    I ordered a new bike!

    Are the wheels 406 or 451?
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    Classic 3 Speeds

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    "Schwinn Approved" lightweight front axle help needed.

    I thought I'd update this, the WALD #157 axle kit did the trick.
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    Lugged Schwinn Quill Stem ID needed.

    I bought it to go on my Schwinn new world, but unfortunately the stem diameter is too small.
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    I haven't been getting much work done outside.

    I've never seen this much water standing, not even from a hurricane. This isn't run-off from anywhere else, this is just how saturated the ground is. Inside my barn.
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    Lugged Schwinn Quill Stem ID needed.

    I was told this came from a 1970 Schwinn Collegiate Tourist, but I'm not sure it's correct for that bike. I'm not even sure its oem schwinn. I'm just wondering if anyone recognizes what bike it came from. No markings other than the minimum insertion text.
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    Rat Rod Blades Challenge 2021 - Build thread

    It's been raining a lot so I'm running behind. I need to finish the air pipe, fire pot and tuyre for my forge and I can get started.
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    drop forged forks?

    It really just means the legs are solid rather than tubular. It would make it easier to heat and straighten them.
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    Knife buildoff challenge discussion

    The motor is a spare I had laying around. It's probably nearly as old as the rest, but it works fine. I went with an electric motor just because it was quick and easy, no gearing required.
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    Knife buildoff challenge discussion

    The blower is from a laco oil burning furnace from the thirties or forties. I picked it up cheap a few years ago but it was just the housing. Now seemed like a good time to try to get it going. I drilled out a piece of solid rod for the hub, drilled and tapped a hole on the inside end for a set...
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    I wish I had a bike like this.

    Have you tired mixing headset parts? EG, use cups that fit the frame, loose balls (or caged bearings that fit the cups) and then the crown race, adjustable race and nut that fit the fork you want to use.
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    J.C. Higgins

    I don't know the exact dates but Sears started selling the Austrian Lightweights under the JC Higgins name in the mid 50's and continued until the early 60's, maybe around 1962 when they dropped the Jc Higgins name. Then they sold them under the Sears brand name, and sometime in the mid 70's...
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    Knife buildoff challenge discussion

    I'm in. Making a knife is something I've been meaning to do, so this gives me a valid excuse.
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    Early 1900s style racer replicas.

    Y'all are making me want to build another bike.
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    Show me your Military theme bikes

    I don't think I've posted this one here.