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    My Collection of Things With Wheels To Be Used Outdoors

    Diamondback Edgewood Hybrid. Upgraded with better brakes, an 8-speed internal geared hub (Shimano Alfine), and a TSDZ2 electric mid-drive. The electric conversion is powered with EGO Power battery packs I already had for our mower, snow blower, and string trimmer. I found a 3d print for an...
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    Street Chariot - Hardware Recommendations Needed

    Looking for some hardware recommendations for this freak in the making. Pacific "Assault" Scooter I want to turn into an electric chariot. Picked up a salvaged kids' bike just for the 16" suspension fork on it, going to get the grippiest tire possible, and put it on a Grin or Golden Motors...
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    29er Half-Penny

    Please excuse the atrocious pictures, it was dark and rainy when I got home, but I just wanted to document it SOMEHOW. (Throwing in some photos from the build process since the pretty colors got washed out.) Mechanically 'finished' for the moment, but I desperately need to raise the handlebars...
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    How do you solve a problem like Monster Energy?

    Couldn't resist this pretty thing. Promo built on the Felt Guapo cruiser platform This will be my first time building from the frame up. Where do I start for a checklist of parts? Is this type of frame good for anything other than beach cruising? Any ideas and advice are welcome. (:
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    Wanted Fork With Mid-Fork/Mid-Blade Eyelets

    Got a lovely front porteur rack for pocket change, and I've been thinking of changing the front fork on my e-hybrid for a while now anyway. Primary use for this bike is daily rider and errand runner. Don't really need the suspension anymore, and have been thinking of upgrading to disc brakes...
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    Need to move my rack further back

    So I'm fabricating a mounting plate for Milwaukee Packout gear, using Unbeaten Path Designs' 'Versamount' adapters. Putting on the low-profile items is fine, but moving up to something like a cooler, backpack, or even the compact toolbox leaves me having to set it about halfway down the rack to...
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    Half-Penny Acoustic Conversion

    Check the Gallery for my current configuration of my electric 29er penny farthing. Getting ready to go bare down to the frame, powder coat, and rebuild with a pedal hub front end (disc brakes, freewheel). Even odds I end up dropping a Golden Motors 12" hub drive in the rear wheel as well, but...
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    The Half-Penny - 29er Electric Penny Farthing

    An experimental build of mine. Photos of semi-latest build and video of the maiden voyage attached. Scratch-built from some surplus frame piping, cruiser and BMX bicycle parts, and old kick scooter parts. Welding was done by a friendly student at the local welding school. The front wheel is an...
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    Good morning from Schenectady!

    Glad to finally be here in earnest, after lurking for several months. Casual rider (for now), more of a planner than a doer when it comes to design (more than happy to pass it off to a local bike mechanic or team up with my dad for metalwork), but an avid collector of Weird Bikes. The past year...
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    Stretching a Frame - But HOW MUCH do I stretch?

    Seems like every garage and tag sale in the region has an Orange County from Schwinn, but when I came upon a Huffy WEST COAST Choppers special, in red instead of chrome, complete with the chain guard and dummy tank, I had to have it. Even still has all the decals on the tank and guard, which I'm...
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    WTB Felt MP Cruiser saddlebag and headlight

    Of all my projects in the garage in progress, it's this one cruiser that my wife got smitten with, so trying to surprise her with restoring this for a relaxed trip to explore Block Island this summer. Stock photo since I don't have the accessories. Not sure what year my bike is, but it has the...