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  1. Avef

    Schwinn Stingray?

    Hello I wanted to know if this is a stingray frame can’t figure it out. Thank you in advance.
  2. Avef

    Wanted Parts for 1962 20” twin bar Typhoon

    I am looking for some parts for my 62 Schwinn typhoon. Looking for a front fork, handlebars, and a seat with or without the seat post, chain guard and if possible some fenders.Thanks in advance.
  3. Avef

    1962 Schwinn

    Hello I found this 1962 schwinn and was wondering if anyone had any other knowledge on it. I believe it to be a typhoon. Handlebars are schwinn but I do not believe to be for this model Also front fork I know might not be for this model. Serial number says it’s a 62. Thanks for the time.