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  1. Walter Zoomie

    What do you have in the works?

    I want to get the Quintana Roo back to its former glory and gift it to my son. No repaint 'cuz that would be improper and imprudent. NOS crankset parts coming from Italy. I want to get my Specialized Team StumpJumper restored to near original condition with a few personalized touches. Forks...
  2. Walter Zoomie

    What In Tarnation Did I Just Bring Home? Some Kinda Rig I Wouldn't Understand Rescued From The Trash Man!

    All sorts of scary stuff I know little about! Aired up the tires, screwed in a pedal somebody had almost cross-threaded, tightened the wheels, raised the handle bars and removed the bull horns and arm rests, lowered the seat....and she's a runner! Gears all work using the shifters on the brake...
  3. Walter Zoomie

    Cold forging to close distance between rear dropouts?

    I've seen folks use threaded rod, nuts, and washers to widen the distance between dropouts. Any issues with reversing the process and closing the distance between dropouts?
  4. Walter Zoomie

    Another Junky Old Dept. Store Bike Rescued!

    Y'all are prolly getting pretty tired of me posting my garbage, but I ain't finding much in the way of free classic Schwinns or other really cool old stuff like the rest of you are.'re gonna have to suffer through another post of my undesirable junk! This is a vintage 26" Huffy...
  5. Walter Zoomie

    Suburban Assault Bicycle Starts To Take Shape!

    What it looked like after scrap pile rescue.
  6. Walter Zoomie

    Annie the 1981 Sears Free Spirit 3-Speed

    A build I showed you in my introductory post. She's come a long way. Named for the co-worker's daughter who will be receiving it. Rescued from the scrapper's trailer. Some fine tuning and final tweaks, and she's off to her new owner! It rides really nice as it is. Buttery smooth and...
  7. Walter Zoomie

    Another Scrap Yard Survivor: 1975 Schwinn Suburban

    Just picked this up last night. It's mostly complete. Straight wheels, decent paint. Missing handle bars and seat courtesy of my stash. I believe it to be a 1975 model. Dorothy Snider where are you?
  8. Walter Zoomie

    Rescued Before The Scrap Man Got 'em!

    1989 Specialized Team Stumpjumper
  9. Walter Zoomie

    Newb From Indy

    My three kids are all grown up, graduated from university, and out on their own. I miss the days when they were little, and I was forever repairing their 20" department store clunkers and 26" mountain bikes. I'm almost 60, I'm getting back into it now, and doing it for friends' children. I'm...