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  1. JimK

    Any ideas oin what this is? Or was?

    Thank you all for the replies and information. JimK
  2. JimK

    Any ideas oin what this is? Or was?

    Hello muscle bike people. A friend of mine picked up this bike yesterday and we are wondering if anyone knew what it may have been at one time? If someone can give us a model name and/or a picture of a more complete one we would be very grateful. It is sticker badged Belknap Bluegrass and says...
  3. JimK

    Indian Board Track Racer

    Thanks, and no, I made it out of wood. It was all I had at the time. JimK
  4. JimK

    Show me your...Thompson grips or seats

    Another fantastic set of grips and a seat put to what I hope is good use. Can't say enough about the products. JimK
  5. JimK

    Indian Board Track Racer

  6. JimK

    Indian Board Track Racer

  7. JimK

    Indian Board Track Racer

    Hello All, It has been a while since I last posted anything so I am not sure if I have already posted some of this but figured that a little rerun never hurt anyone. I started this build a while back with an idea, a frame from Chuckz and some parts from Gordon (Grassley). I tinkered with it on...
  8. JimK

    lets see those homemade tanks

    Here is one I made: And another:
  9. JimK

    Show me your...Thompson grips or seats

    I can't say enough about these grips and seats. Here are a couple pics of my last project. I have another seat and grips for my current project (no pics yet) and I am sure I will buy more. You can't ask for much more. JimK
  10. JimK

    Seat / Saddle Gallery - Post Pics Here

    A seat for my 3 wheeler project
  11. JimK

    F° 451...still building

    Ya know what? To be honest those curly thingys are really starting to grow on me. Didn't think they fit at first, but now I believe that I was wrong. Keep going. JimK
  12. JimK


    I would like to build one of these someday. Not sure why but I like them. It is second on my bucket list right behind a good humor ice cream bike. I had a frame and forks like that several years back, but hard times forced the dreaded ebay sale. Oh well, maybe someday. Keep going, I look...
  13. JimK

    F° 451...still building

    Boy, that thing is a monster. Really cool, looks a little heavy but way cool none the less. JimK
  14. JimK

    May of '71 Cotton Picker...Boom!

    I will bid 105.00 and even add 25 for shipping. :)
  15. JimK

    F° 451...still building

    I was with ya right up to the curly thingys. I think that they detract from the awesome metal work that you did on the top bar. Just sayin JimK
  16. JimK

    Indian Boardtracker with a twist or two!

  17. JimK

    taiwan junk turned hard time, moonman, next update.

    Whatever happened with this build? Any progress? I for one would like to see some updates. JimK
  18. JimK


    I have a thing about taking something that most people would throw away and making it into something fun or useful again. One day I found an old bike at the curb and it stuck. Oh, I am 58 years old. JimK
  19. JimK

    When a crazy idea becomes reality

    I have enjoyed this one from the start. I wish I had those skills. Congrats on a fine job JimK
  20. JimK

    Rusty huffy with beer keg sidecar

    I really like this one. I was wondering how it came out. Very cool idea and good work! JimK