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  1. buses 'n bikes

    New guy in AZ

    Ah, gotcha. I guess I misread your post. Yeah, lots of IA-AZ connections cause winter here sucks!
  2. buses 'n bikes

    New guy in AZ

    Welcome! I lived in the east valley from 2003-08. I miss the year-round riding and all the cool cruisers. Enjoy!
  3. buses 'n bikes

    Gary Fisher Klunker 96/97

    I can't find the old ad now but a nice one with an upgraded Brooks saddle languished forever on the quad cities craigslist for $450 last year. Ebay completed search revealed nothing for GF Klunkers, either. Value seems to be a toss up. I just know these are more common than you might think. A...
  4. buses 'n bikes

    Gary Fisher Klunker 96/97

    These seem to sell for around $400-$500 around here.
  5. buses 'n bikes

    Black Quick Bricks Felt frame & fork with Misc. Items

    PM sent on MP fork
  6. buses 'n bikes

    Help Identifying Nirve Cruiser bike model

    Thanks but I've had horrible luck with shipping lately. Kinda thinking my day of shipping bikes is over, unfortunately. I was not able to get it this weekend but excited to ride it when I can! Looks comfy!
  7. buses 'n bikes

    Help Identifying Nirve Cruiser bike model

    OK, it's an Inferno. Getting it this weekend, not sure if I'll flip it or maybe make it into a Killroy or like a Felt MP. Always wanted one...
  8. buses 'n bikes

    BIKES with TRUCKS photo

    My wife and I really thought about buying it but that's our Airstream in the back of my truck. Probably don't need two! But man, that camper's a creampuff. Guy has owned it since new, low miles, perfectly maintained...
  9. buses 'n bikes

    BIKES with TRUCKS photo

    OK! Some of you thought I was too rough on my Tacoma so here ya go! This is my '65 King Size Heavy Duti Schwinn. I do like the Pyrite Mica color of my truck... And a twofer since I love Toyotas. My neighbor just sold this clean rig:
  10. buses 'n bikes

    BIKES with TRUCKS photo

    Cool thread! Here's my 94 Kona Humu with my buddy's 1977 Toyota Hilux. My '15 Tacoma is too boring to be photographed with...
  11. buses 'n bikes

    Help Identifying Nirve Cruiser bike model

    Hi there, I recently bought this bike and my sister-in-law picked it up for me. Any ideas what model/year it is? Thanks for any help.
  12. buses 'n bikes

    Schwinn aluminum Panther/Scrambler XL

    Such a cool build @Scambler XL ! Those 2000/01 Panthers are a best-kept secret, they ride amazingly well with Homegrown XC MTB geometry and lightweight aluminum construction. I had a stock one back in '03 and tried to make a lightweight one w carbon parts back in '14. Sad to see it parted out...
  13. buses 'n bikes

    Just finished these two up! Schwinn Middle-Weight muscle bikes.....sorta!

    Really cool Falcon wagon! 2 door or 4 door? Appears to be a 60-62 model. Too cool!
  14. buses 'n bikes

    Let's see those Kona HumuHumu & Kona A'Ha

    Here's my 1994 Humu, I love this bike! I've had/built many klunkers/cruisers over the years but this is my keeper. I would also like a star and bars, Ti or '98 with the brake mounts at some point but this will satisfy me til then!
  15. buses 'n bikes


    I bet it's a Campione d' Italia. Their lowest end Italian made bike. I have the same model and it is also Formula Two tubing.
  16. buses 'n bikes

    Saw my stolen bike yesterday!

    I've only had two bikes stolen, fortunately. Both Trek mountain bikes, both in Phoenix. The first one was my fault, we had just moved to the valley from rural Iowa where you don't have to lock anything. Didn't have a lock on me but popped into Target for literally 2 minutes and the bike was...
  17. buses 'n bikes

    80’s GT Performer

    Amazingly cool. If your goal is to resell then DO NOT TOUCH IT. BMX folks want the original cable housings, etc. You will only de-value it if you replace them.
  18. buses 'n bikes

    July 1967 Schwinn Stingray Deluxe

    I missed a gorgeous original '64 Opal standard earlier this year on eBay for $1000 BIN. Bike was 3 hours away from me but worth it! It was relisted on eBay in CA just weeks later at $4000 and I think it sold.
  19. buses 'n bikes

    Tire not settling right

    I've had luck either letting 70% of the air out and messaging the bead (if it's a tight fit) then air it back up Or inflate the heck out of it and wait to hear the "pop" of the bead seating Or if it's a loose fit, just be mindful of the evenness as you inflate. You can usually see some...