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  1. OneHorsePower

    French low rider bike

    Wow , Super boulo le desing et la construction ,j'aime comment tu as fait les fourche en cone toi meme a l'encienne , d'ou vienne les pistons a air au juste ? j'aime que tu ose le francais sur un forum englais :P moi je suis de Quebec Canada , vraiment hate de voir le produit final ,ca regarde...
  2. OneHorsePower

    =D---- Laprise E-BTR

    thank you my friend :)
  3. OneHorsePower

    =D---- Laprise E-BTR

    Hey ! few updates on the E-btr , after dailying it hard for 2 years doing skids and even offroad trails the frame was a bit bent in the rear triangle , the paint was ruff and wheels a bit wobbly. got tired of the beautiful but very soft slick rubber of the 346 tyres that wear out in a season ...
  4. OneHorsePower


    Hello , wow it has changed since i left, i like it! well unlike 1 single thing ... is there a dark mode? or a way to have a background? i mostly read and post this forum late in the day and this white is brutal:cool: thank you ratrod for all your doing
  5. OneHorsePower

    BO14 CLASS 2 FINAL RANKINGS - Voting Results

    :13::rockout:awesome build everyone ! congrats !:113:
  6. OneHorsePower

    Winter build off?

    i might be in for a 21'' and under build , i got somthing in mind and might be off work this winter or at least part time
  7. OneHorsePower

    The Streamliner

    :43: Amazing ! :41:
  8. OneHorsePower


    :eek: i would , but unfortunately computing is not part of my skill set , kind-of like a dinosaur:android: iam not home often either lately:oops: i hope someone else volunteer
  9. OneHorsePower


    rebadged , embossing alluminum
  10. OneHorsePower

    Hollywood swanger

    well done !! ye thank looks real good :113:
  11. OneHorsePower

    Spring Spare Time

    nah , same buyer tho , he has the muscle drifter trike too and the 37 elgin rat too ..iam starting to think he loaves what i do :giggle::thumbsup:
  12. OneHorsePower

    Spring Spare Time

    it had to be ready in time for the ride , so it let me only 1month if i wanted to enter the build ..its already sold too:giggle:
  13. OneHorsePower

    Spring Spare Time started life as a a spare car tire ,elliptical exerciser and a stationary bike its a 1sided rear tire , 3speed disk brake, dual suspension chopper from a idea to birth in 16days to have a custom ride to roll with friends...
  14. OneHorsePower


    very nice ! well done !
  15. OneHorsePower

    finished bikes thread ?

    ive been away a little while , i finished my bike way early in the game , but coming back i see there is still no finished bike thread for official entry to the build ... forgot or its coming or we just post in our build thread the picture we choose and call it the entry pic ?:39:
  16. OneHorsePower

    Velo De La Revolution Idustrielle

    ca avance bien déja ! nice!
  17. OneHorsePower

    Spring Spare Time

    thanks you guys :D