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    1965 Schwinn Fleet 20 inch pig bike

    I have this 1965 Fleet for sale. It has the shorty frame like early Stingray. The seat is an early Troxol, the stem is pre '65 unmarked cast Schwinn stem. The handlebars are wald version of the '68 style with Schwinn chubby grips. The wheels are decent riders S-2 side stamped rear with a red...
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    1967 Stingray

    I have this 1967 frame, fork , chain guard and kickstand. I would like to get $300 shipped
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    one 26 inch and three 20 inch forks

    I have theses four sets of forks. The 26 inch is a set of '40/'50s westfield ladies. The green and blue 20's are off Ross/Rollfast girls polo bikes. Thew dark red off a girls 20 inch Western flyer. I would like to get $20 apiece for the 20 inch and $25 for the 26 inch plus shipping. Make an...
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    1970 girls 3 speed 20 inch bike

    I have this sweet 3 speed Columbia for sale. It has a 1970 dated Sturmey Archer non coaster brake rear hub. This is all original right down tires and bonus vintage spoke covers. The bike rides great and shifts and stops as it should. It being a girls bike all parts are in awesome shape. I got it...
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    1958 Schwinn Tornado

    I have this '58 Tornado 26 inch cruiser for sale. '58 frame,4-6 dated fork,wheel set, stem and sprocket off a '81 cruiser, Taiwan crank, '60s Troxol seat and after market handlebars. I put a set of truss rods I had on it. The wheel set is a heavy duty S-2 set with HD hubs and spokes. The rims...
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    3 bikes for $200 OBO

    I have these 3 bikes a '60s? Stelber 26 boys, a '61-'63 JC Higgins 26 boys and a '50s ladies JC Higgins 26 inch . All 3 ride nice and the Higgins boys has newer after market wheels not shown in pic. I would like $200 or $75 apiece. Local pick up in 12206. I would be willing to drive a few hours...
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    1952 Rollfast

    I built this up with a bunch of parts,Snyder built Rollfast frame ,CWC trussed fork,vintage Araya 26x2.125 wheels, '70s schwinn crank and seat and a set of killer tiller bars I picked up. Still feeling out the rack and need to hook up 2 speed switch. Rides nice I like the big tall frame plenty...
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    Real nice Rollfast Skoot muscle bike
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    Some Rollfast muscle for Friday

    I helped a friend this past winter with snow some blowing when his broke down mid storm. I refused to take money so he picked up this bike for me in rough shape. I have been slowly bringing this one back I think I got it where I want it. The NOS rear tire was the final piece to go with original...
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    SOLD Early 80's Laser BMX by Jamis

    I have this early Laser BMX for sale. I have found very little information on this one maybe someone here can help me out. It came to me mostly complete and I removed the wheels and brakes. i installed a set of BMX coasrter brake wheels so I could ride it around. I was hoping to get $350/OBO...
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    Free 4 pack of 20 inch tubes

    I'm going to send a 4 pack of new 20inch tubes to whomever can guess the 3 digit number I'm thinking of right now. I will give you a hint it is not 000 or 999. I will close down guesses at 8:00 pm EST. Only five guesses each and it goes to the first person to guess the correct number. I will...
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    SOLD vintage 20 inch fenders

    I have theses 2 sets of vintage fender sets. The red are late '60s 20 inch fender set old style with full coverage rear fender.Im asking $40 shipped. Second is SOLD a set of '70s muscle bike fenders in nice chrome they are a bobbed flared type very ....... I'm looking to get $45 shipped for...
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    I have a guy close by who sells me bike on occasion and I always take the ride because he has things he does not advertise. Last time I went to pick up a bike I also ended up with this frame. It came to me as a 3 speed with front and rear caliper brakes and a thumb shifter with no wheels. I...
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    Spring time red, white and blue

    This is my 1951 Huffy Customliner, I only own a few balloon tire bikes and I can't stay off this one. so smooth and everyone gives me props when I'm on it. I always respond "I'm not as cool as my bike.
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    Withdrawn 1960's Columbia 26 inch frame

    Hello I have this early /mid '60s frame, fork ,fenders, crank/sprocket and chain guard. I will also include a stem. I'm asking $75+ shipping from 12206. Thanks for looking
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    SOLD Another long cycle truck stem

    I I have this extra long A&I brand cycle truck stem. It is 18 inches long and complete with clincher bot as well as stem bolt and wedge. I'm looking to get $42 shipped for this one. Thanks for looking
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    SOLD Extra long cycle truck stems

    I have these 2 later 18 inch cycle truck stems. They are .833 diameter and have nice chrome. They are missing wedge bot and wedge, one has clincher bolt. They are A&I brand. Use for extending your stem for easier riding or use on a custom rat build like no other. $35 shipped. Thank you for looking
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    I have posted in the wanted section for a few items and a newly joined member is trying to get me to contact someone bu phone for the items. I know better , I was just wondering if anyone has had issues with scammers here on the site that used this tactic? Thanks
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    Muscle bike rear tire

    I'm looking for a 20 x 2.125 rear tire with raised white letters. Does not have to be perfect but I need a good rider. Thank you
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    I have this early '70s Rollfast Skoot 444 a friend gave me for helping out when his snowblower went down during our last big storm. I love green bike and this one especially being a muscle bike. I added a nice new Wald crank and Stingray mag sprocket. I have the correct seat and bars in storage...