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  1. blackdiamond

    Help ID my grandfathers childhood bike (old picture)

    My grandfather passed recently and tons of old pictures have turned up. I wanted to know what this rig he had was. Might try to track one down to build for my dad. But first, what is it? I think it’s Shelby but I can’t be sure.
  2. blackdiamond

    Wanted 2020 coppertone stingray. Gotta complete the set

    I have the green and the blue 2020 stingrays but I’d like to round out the set with the coppertone. Final infinity stone ya know. If anyone wants to part with one, or a frame-chainguard set, let me know!
  3. blackdiamond

    1977 Stingray 3speed

    Showed up in the mail today. Was surprised to find it on original tires. Although the Scrambler BX rear was shot. Looks like the sissy bar got bent and they parked it. Promptly replaced with a slik It will get original grips, but look how super 70s these are Seat is pretty good too if I can get...
  4. blackdiamond

    79ish Stingray 2 frame free central, AR

    This one was outside over the winter and ice got to the end of one of the canti bars. But still someone may want it. Free to someone to save it. Local pickup only.
  5. blackdiamond

    Living with the new repop Stingray

    Picked this up from good old waltons website a couple weeks ago. Ended up being 133 total shipped. Didn’t expect much for that price but was surprised. Looked like that cut all the corners on the assembly. Frame is shaped more correct than the expensive Amazon stingray. swapped the rear tire...
  6. blackdiamond

    My nearly monochromatic blue collection.

    Well I have a thing for blue. 🥶 ‘20 Stingray, ‘79 Stingray, ‘15 Electra Moto 1, ‘47 Dayton, ‘65 Racer 3(2)speed, ‘61 Corvette. This rig being the longest running in the fleet since I got it from KJV on here basically a decade ago. The racer responsible for getting me back into bikes. It’s a 3...
  7. blackdiamond

    Flashback Stingray

    At the beginning of 2013 I built a charcoal ‘70 stingray for a 3 way stingray build off on this site. Sold it years ago but missed it ever since. Picked up this ‘80 to build up raked up like my past one. It was pink tho... Went ahead and primed it and mocked some parts up. Gotta get a thin...
  8. blackdiamond

    1970 Schwinn ?? NOS copper tone replacement frame.

    I’ve had this kicking around for a while and wondered what it could have been a replacement for, as I don’t see copper tone available for 70. Looks like it’s never had a wheel in the dropouts. I don’t plan to keep it as I have so many other projects.
  9. blackdiamond

    Anybody got one of the new Orange Krates or coal krates? I have a question

    I’m currently building a replica Grey Ghost and want the drum brake front 16in wheel with the alloy rim. I contacted Schwinn to buy one and they said it was bicycle specific and I would need a serial number and date code off of one. It obviously isn’t specific so can anybody help me out?
  10. blackdiamond

    Found Grey ghost or chrome 70s stingray chainguard

    Building a replica grey ghost out of a stingray I have. Looking for a chainguard for it. Does not have to be perfect as the frame is a beat up silver mist hurricane5
  11. blackdiamond

    Speedster and a Breeze together forever

    Found these at an antique store for more than I wanted to pay. Offer half the price just for the speedster and the guy said take both they are in the way and have never been apart.
  12. blackdiamond

    Back again haven’t been on since 17

    Got a new job and found a 65 Schwinn racer to get between buildings. Sold off several bikes and was pretty much out of bikes til the racer came along. Had pretty rough job at the time. But a few bikes I had sold off came back to me for free in derelict condition and got me started all over...
  13. blackdiamond

    46 Western Flyer Road King (Dayton)

    Wouldn't quite call it a build, just a bar and seat swap Cause ya know, everything needs apes Brooks saddle and some amf apes the rest is all og as I got it Other than well... Still has a royal chain co tire on the front
  14. blackdiamond

    Not new but back

    been gone for a good while, never stopped building but not on the interwebs for a while, glad to be back!
  15. blackdiamond

    My 2nd Dayton-Huffman Bomber build- '41 W-Flyer

    Well heres what im starting with (in its sale pic lol) A 1941 Western Flyer Badged Dayton. I'm very fond of these frames as of their geometry happens to be perfectly fit to me. This one still wears it original paint and i will be leaving it. Cause my other dayton, my '47 used to be and you...
  16. blackdiamond

    The Pursuit Special- Road Warrior themed Colson

    Here is there frame I will be building off when it arrives, a unknown year colson, unlike last year when I did a full fledged rat rod, im going with more a Road-Warrior apocalyptic max max theme, And yes it will be classified as a bomber. Now my updates will be slow for the first few weeks...
  17. blackdiamond

    Part-by-Part Stingray build

    This will be a long Drawn out build so i can have my dream stingray. Here it is, An '80 Stingray II i got from arpicker As some know, the stingray II had the same short frame as the early stingrays; of which i cannot find. Soooo im going to build it up as an early '64-67 Stingray, but with a...
  18. blackdiamond

    The Speedway Special

    Heres some of the stuff the ol' '35 Shelby Speedway Special saw on its voyage The old 1929ish Smith Ford building The rails and the old caboose A close-up to see the old royce-union horn and my favorite lil mythical creature The Bobbed rear fender, from and old fire extinguisher... Still...
  19. blackdiamond

    1935 Speedway Special- New fender! (new-old rust)

    I am entering my first big build off with a 1935 Shelby Speedway Special! I have great plans for this bike in store :mrgreen: Parden the pictures, im running on cell phone pics for two more weeks before a new camera :oops:
  20. blackdiamond

    Ok, i may be crazy, buuuut ....

    Does the top of the page say Fat Tire Bikes? :| Did i miss out on something? :oops: