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  1. Junkhunter

    New Haven, CT St Patricks Day Parade with The Wheelmen

    I would like to extend a cordial invitation to Rat Rod Bike members to ride with The Wheelmen in our New Haven, CT Saint Patricks Day Parade. The Wheelmen as a club usually concentrates on bikes built before 1933. However, I would like to invite members from this site to join us. Face it, we all...
  2. Junkhunter

    Rat Rod high wheel????

    Leave me alone.....I'm thinking........
  3. Junkhunter

    Blue and white banana seat

    Good condition. comes with sissy bar. Very small tear where the grommet is set for the sissy bar. $35 + shipping. I set it that way because I haven't shipped one of these yet and don't really know what to expect for cost. If someone knows, I would appreciate the info. Nice little original banana...
  4. Junkhunter

    Large Persons red reflector

    Large Persons red reflector. Found at a swap meet this morning. I think it's probably for a prewar motorcycle, but i think it would look good on a bike. Excellent shape. $50 shipped conus.
  5. Junkhunter

    Really Old

    I just love riding these old things. The original ones that are complete and rare. 1883 Columbia Expert. The original pedals are coming with it, but the guy is doing a little more work to them. The brake arm and spoon are usually missing. I feel blessed. This may be the original tire. The tires...
  6. Junkhunter

    Junkhunter's Dixie Flyer

    My latest rustoration. When I saw the colors on this head badge this is what came to mind. I think it's a nice rider. Will definitely be a hit on the 4th of July. Rides smooth on those Carlisle tires. I like it anyway.
  7. Junkhunter

    Worth anything?

    I picked up this little Firestone Bronco yesterday and was wondering if it was worth anything much? I paid $15 for it. It has a nice dragster style Carslile dragster tire on the back, and a Firestone Super Cushion tire on the front. Proceeds went to a charity so that's why I got it. I usually do...
  8. Junkhunter

    Raleigh Sprite 3+2

    Another member mentioned I should post here that I have a Sprite with the tall SA shifters for sale. 5 speed. Pics on For Sale section. nice bike. Rides well. asking $300 shipped. Make me a fair offer.
  9. Junkhunter


    I sure do enjoy this site, and you guys look like your having so much fun, i'm getting in on it too. I think I have some good bones to start with, and I can be pretty creative. I have tons of extra parts. Prewar Hawthorne. Tank, rack, and chain guard were already sandblasted when I got it. i...
  10. Junkhunter

    Wilbur & Orville Wright

    I was watching Sunday Morning, the TV show that comes on every Sunday morning. they had a piece this morning on the Wright Brotheres. The ones that invented the first powered airplane. I didn't know that they got their start building bicycles. There were some shots of the shop, and the workshop...
  11. Junkhunter

    Old Columbia

    Does anybody know about an old Columbia that the pedals and handlebars fold in?
  12. Junkhunter

    Higgins Color Flow Serial Number

    Hey guys. i got really lucky yesterday and picked up a Higgins Colorflow with the metal exhaust pipes on the tank. I found the serial number but there's no info on the WWW. Can someone help confirm date through the serial number? If I decide to sell it, I want to be sure of what I have, and the...
  13. Junkhunter

    Spaceliner Question

    There's a Spaceliner tank that runs along the crossbar, and there's one they call a "7" model, because it looks like a 7. Here's my question. Both involve parts for the 7 model. Is the front part of the tanks, lenses, housing, etc, the same on both the mens and women's? i can't find close up...
  14. Junkhunter

    Bowden Spacelander

    The Copake Swap Meet and Auction is in a couple of weeks. They are going to auction 3 or 4 Bowden Spacelander's. I'm considering bidding on these as an investment. Something to buy and sit on for 10 years, then sell for a decent cash return. Before I begin this, how much can I expect to have to...
  15. Junkhunter

    Springer front end fork tube length

    I picked up a springer front end this weekend at a swap meet. it's old, but it's in good shape. Heres the problem. I bought it to go on either my Higgins Colorflow, or a 58 Mens Columbia. When I got it home, I tried to install it, and found out it was for a frame with a 6" fork tube. The...
  16. Junkhunter

    Schwinn Springer fork

    I have a question. I have a Hawthorne middle weight. The neck on it is about 5" long and looks to be about 1.5" od. Will a Schwinn springer fork fit on there? Considering bidding on one in ebay. Thanks in advance for the help.