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  1. JimK

    Any ideas oin what this is? Or was?

    Hello muscle bike people. A friend of mine picked up this bike yesterday and we are wondering if anyone knew what it may have been at one time? If someone can give us a model name and/or a picture of a more complete one we would be very grateful. It is sticker badged Belknap Bluegrass and says...
  2. JimK

    Indian Board Track Racer

    Hello All, It has been a while since I last posted anything so I am not sure if I have already posted some of this but figured that a little rerun never hurt anyone. I started this build a while back with an idea, a frame from Chuckz and some parts from Gordon (Grassley). I tinkered with it on...
  3. JimK

    Tire size question

    Hello all, I was wondering if anyone here could tell me if 26x3 tires will fit on 26x2.125" rims? I am planning my next project and I have no experience with the larger tire size. Thanks JimK
  4. JimK

    Wheel Lacing help needed

    Hello all. I am in need of a little assistance. I am trying to lace some balloon tire rims with the original spokes that came off of them so I know that they should fit. I have been following the instructions from this site ( and all goes well. Right up to...
  5. JimK

    an old build of mine

    Hello all, I posted a thread in the build section titled (for lack of a better one) First build in 15 years. Well it dawned on me that maybe I should put up a post of one of the last builds that I did. This started out as a JC Higgins that I found at a flea market in CO. I tried to keep it...
  6. JimK

    First build in 15 years, Done-ish with pics added

    Hello all, I was going to wait until I was a little farther along before I posted this build but sadly that may be some time to come. I have figured out that waiting until you get laid off is not a good time to return to vintage and custom bicycles. So I figured that I would post what I have...
  7. JimK

    Need help with a date for this frame

    Hello, I recently got this frame for a project. I was hoping that someone might be able help me date when it was made. It is badged FOX Rowlett Bicycle Co. Richmond VA. I was told it was made by Shelby. The numbers on the bottom are N344916. And below those numbers are PD489. Thanks in...
  8. JimK

    New member

    Hello, My name is Jim Knower and I a missplaced Texan living in the heart of central Kentucky. I am just now getting into the bicycle scene after several years. I have a project in mind at the moment and have a frame . Not much else yet but it is a start. After lurking here for a while I have...