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  1. OneHorsePower

    Spring Spare Time started life as a a spare car tire ,elliptical exerciser and a stationary bike its a 1sided rear tire , 3speed disk brake, dual suspension chopper from a idea to birth in 16days to have a custom ride to roll with friends...
  2. OneHorsePower

    finished bikes thread ?

    ive been away a little while , i finished my bike way early in the game , but coming back i see there is still no finished bike thread for official entry to the build ... forgot or its coming or we just post in our build thread the picture we choose and call it the entry pic ?:39:
  3. OneHorsePower

    Spring Spare Time

    :bandit::nerd: Hey ! iam back ! its been a year i havent done any bikes .. after moving/renos/new job/first car ..iam in need of creation, so iam back to fix despair , or should i say DeSpare! i dont even have i game plan , i pretty much found a old spare tire on the side of the road i thought...
  4. OneHorsePower

    Slammed Rat

    That was quick , but here is my entry Slammed Rat 3daybuild Build thread :
  5. OneHorsePower

    RRBBO13 Slammed Rat

    Ohh yeah ! :) gonna try to make something happen with parts i have and some fabrication So far i laced up a set of wheels today , got a lady Hawtorn frame and fork as base, seat and bars that were made for my last build but never made the cut, 1 fat 1 skinny tires i will try to make this a...
  6. OneHorsePower

    1sidedwheels coaster chopper

    Sup ! its been a little while, but new work place is re-installed and did a quick 1 week build to celebrate. like the tittle said , its a chopper with single sided wheels , the rear one being a coaster brake hub , front one converted to sealed bearings its got 1/2'' hardned seel axles front and...
  7. OneHorsePower

    =D---- Laprise E-BTR

    Here i go again , this time iam set on building a replica of my dream bike : 1914 Cyclone BoardTrackRacer i plan to motorize it ''Electric'',with curiously a motor named Cyclone, but ill want to build it as close to the original as possible while still being practicle . i already started with...
  8. OneHorsePower

    How to protect your steel from rust during a project?

    I think i saw a post about this , but can't find it after 2h search.. do you guys have a trick for preventing rust on your projects ? my 2 scratch build and all other bikes i stripped to bare metal started rusting before it was time to paint.. i usually sand or scotchbrite all over the frame...
  9. OneHorsePower

    // Muscle Drifter \\ Reverse trike

    Started to build Version2 of my 'Real' drift trike . trying to put something together with what i have at hand to have a better than V1, yet not ideal V2 this was V1 all bolt-on and no bearings in the steering this is V2 already built the steering parts : Hollow axles /steering...
  10. OneHorsePower

    (MBBO#05 Class 2) *⚜ Ride O'clock ⚜*

    This is My 2nd scratch built bike and 2nd buildoff buid First time i build something as funky as this ,and iam glad i did, i really enjoyed building this one. started out as a drawing/idea followed by fresh steel tubes ,recycled parts and donnor steerer tube and seatpost clamp. *⚜ Ride...
  11. OneHorsePower

    (MBBO-5 c2)⚜Ride O'clock⚜((FOR SALE))

    :hi: *⚜ Ride O'clock ⚜* A compact muscle bike wheelie machine with a flashy neon collor A class2 scratchbuild , my 2nd take at building a frame from scratch and at a buildoff. The goal is to make the most compact muscle bike my 6,3ft tall could ride , a fun bike to ride around the hood and...
  12. OneHorsePower

    Speed freak Build off ?

    May not be the most apropriate site for this kind of build , but its the one i love and post on . Any speed freaks out here?:39: a build off of contraptions to make personal speed record would be awesome ! recumbent/lowracers/trackbikes etc.. things build specificaly for speed.:nerd: No...
  13. OneHorsePower

    40-Hawthorne and 38 Mercury Ladys

    Just scored these 2 ladys for pennys , also got a crank and skip tooth chainring in the deal like my previous(first) prewar bike find , i am debating if its actually a Mercury or a Elgin 1938 is an assumption based on pictures ive seen .ill try to comfirm with the serrial number later
  14. OneHorsePower

    HAUL-iN ! CustomCycleTruck

    First Buildoff , First frame build , First cargo , going All-in with HAUL-iN ! was a great adventure and a personal win! Thanks for all your support and inspirations and a big thanks to
  15. OneHorsePower

    HAUL-iN ! CustomCycleTruck (Finished)

    Ahh!! finaly the time as come were i can create a frame from scratch , less then a month of welding experiences , but tones of practice and youtube knowledge :giggle: . So yeah , i will create a cycle truck and i am gambling big trying my first Frame build in my first RRB BO with a dead line...
  16. OneHorsePower

    Using Lead soulder to smooth welded joints?

    Hey guys ! :hi: Any reason why i don't see any frame builder use lead soulder to smooth the welds ?:39: i always see brazing used to make a smooth joint , but never lead .. my welds are strong but not so beautiful , and thought about led to be able to make bare metal frame with nice looking...
  17. OneHorsePower

    Reverse faux patina paint job ?

    So i have this frame all pitty and rusted , but i had to make repairs on it witch will need a little bondo and paint , my question is : - have anyone ever heard of painting over rust and then sand to show some of the original rust to make it look like it is the original paint with real rust...
  18. OneHorsePower

    Elgin Undead Custom Fat-Rat

    (edited) My entry... My last build , a 1937-39 Elgin in all its rusty glory with custom made fork/tank/seat witch i am really proud of :113:
  19. OneHorsePower

    1HP ELGIN ''UndeadCustom'' FINISHED!!!

    Here i go again , finally found a prewar to build , but it is naked and all rusty , so its good and bad ,depend on how you see this:crazy: it is still not definitive wether it is a Elgin or Mercury cause i have no emblem , but ill name it a Elgin ;) Since it is absolutly impossible to find...
  20. OneHorsePower

    Show Me Your(( Brown/Baige Tires ))Bikes

    here is the place to show your bikes that have "dirt color" tires :cool: this could also help others with inspiration on matching paint colors and style that fit these somewhat unusual colored tires:thumbsup: here is one , big apple light brown on Beige rims + metalic red