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  1. Wildcat

    Riff Ratt upgrade

    I went back to the original apes and the fenders I looked at previously finally went on sale. Instead of fifty bucks, they were less than twenty. They showed up in two days from ordering. I just laid them on for a look and will do some modifying and mounting tomorrow.
  2. Wildcat

    Last new frame from the scrap pile

    I got my wish, we went to the scrapyard to get all the new old frames I didn't get before. They were all gone! I picked out the best ones last year so it probably isn't that great a loss. Then my wife spotted this frame in a corner hanging up behind some motorcycle wheels and other stuff. It's...
  3. Wildcat

    Standard Bottom Bracket size for 1 piece.

    I may have to get a section of pipe or tubing to use a one piece crankset BB. I can't find a good frame with that BB, they all have the smaller threaded 3 piece type. I want to use a skiptooth setup and have to use the one piece. I need the size in width and diameter if anyone here knows them.
  4. Wildcat

    Riff Ratt

    This bike is done! Unknown frame from the 80's modified to a full suspension reverse cantilever two speed cruiser. Out for a ride today, sunshine for a change in the Habagat (monsoon) season. No problems at all. Tensioner makes 2 speeds possible, manual shift on the chain rings. Swing arm...
  5. Wildcat

    Two Speed Kickback

    I made a video showing how a two speed kickback works. This one has a coaster brake, but the shifting is the same on a regular kick shift hub. This one is Sturmey Archer, but it's the same operation. High gear has pawls that make noise, low is silent. One downside is that when you stop it shifts...
  6. Wildcat

    Mixte build

    I was going to do this bike after the annual build off, but there's another frame in the wings I want to do also, so this one will get done. I picked up this unused frame, like my others, from a junkpile in town. The big bike shop in town went out of business and chucked the unsold frames. So...
  7. Wildcat

    Riff Ratt

    It's already almost noon here, 13 hours ahead of CST. I'm going to add this to Class 2 because I'm going to cut the rear off this frame and replace it with a suspension. Using this frame and accumulated parts, it will look like trouble is coming to town, like riffraff. Hence the name "Riff...
  8. Wildcat

    Bike Bunker

    They just finished digging the footers for the garage at my place. The parking and balcony will be on the upper level, the lower portion is mine to do with as I please. It's like a basement or in this case, a cave. My area is going to be pretty big, about 24' by 12'. About 10 feet high or a...
  9. Wildcat

    China Blue

    I've got time for another build before the Annual Build Off. I looked at this new Chinese MTB my wife bought for me. (I tore it apart as soon as she left the room) :) The frame is 16" and it looks like a BMX frame so I sized it up with some bars and stem. This will be a 26" BMX. I've got rims...
  10. Wildcat


    This will be a Mini Velo type bike like I made last month, only this will be more rugged. Like a bulldog with it's short legs, this will have 20" wheels on a 24" frame. I've been using the frame for my exercise bike. I use a 26" fork to get clearance for the standard set of cranks. The wheels...
  11. Wildcat


    I need to make up a bike for the wife who is 4' 10", and I just realized the makings of a mini-velo; example of a mini-velo: are already in my parts pile. I have a 24" Ventura 10 speed frame from the late 70's that I bought in Australia in 1983. Or maybe in Alameda in 1982, I'm not sure. It...
  12. Wildcat

    Mixte NOS build

    I picked up a bunch of unused frames from the dump last year and have used two of them so far. This will be the bike I use in my office because of the restrictions outside. All the parts are from the other bike I've been using, and they all fit well. Even the chain was the right length. Just...
  13. Wildcat

    Sturmey Archer kickback hub

    I've got a new SA kickback hub. The wheel rolls very well, but the cog isn't moving very freely. Is that normal and needs to be ridden to break in? Has anyone done adjustments on these new hubs?
  14. Wildcat

    Cantilever brake question

    I'm redoing this 87 Nishiki with cantilever brakes. The end of the springs hung out like they didn't belong there, but it's been ridden that way for years. The ends are a loop that doesn't hook to anything. Are these the wrong springs or am I doing it wrong? The brand name on the brakes is CS.
  15. Wildcat

    Late 80's Nishiki rebuild DONE!

    My brother in law asked if I could redo his old Nishiki. He thinks he got it new in 1987 or 88 and it is a Regal. I need something to do anyway so I'm rehabbing it totally, then painting it yellow gold as he wanted. It's been repainted once. I looked it up and the Regal is a road bike and I...
  16. Wildcat

    Need ID

    I thought I knew all the 60's bikes. Anyone know what this is? It has one rivet in the middle of the head tube where the badge should have been.
  17. Wildcat

    National Bicycle Day If they have an organized ride here in my town, I'll be sure to be there. Hopefully on something rat themed.
  18. Wildcat

    Ratty Patty

    I'm in! This just what I was looking for to use my 26 x 3 inch tires. I laid some stuff out a week or two ago to see if it looked feasible. With big whitewalls and a bare metal patina frame (at least the front part) I think this will make a great stretch ratty fat bike. Ratty Patty. My pile of...
  19. Wildcat

    KeyTownCruisers (KTC) videos

    Here's a whole bunch of great bikes!
  20. Wildcat

    Explanation needed

    The engineer of this bike path needs to engineer up a sign to let us know how this works. :39: