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  1. Blackout

    13 inch sprocket

    I had this made for a long wheel base colson project that never happened, crank pin hole needs to be drilled according to what crank is used. 13 Inch Dia. asking 115.00 shipped in the 48 only
  2. Blackout

    SOLD Rixie fork #2

    cool old Rixie fork this comes with a head tube to start your custom frame or use fork on your frame 225.00 plus actual shipping from Mi.
  3. Blackout

    SOLD 80mm rims with nexus 3 speed

    brand new never mounted 26"x 80mm wide rims with nexus 3 speed hub with all hardware black rims black spokes 270.00 shipped in the 48 only what I paid so Ill be losing money paying shipping back out.
  4. Blackout

    Found.....fat tire rear rim 26"

    wanted 26" fat tire rear rim prefer 3 speed or more setup but will consider all including a single speed and buying a front for a matching pr. also would be nice.
  5. Blackout

    REDUCED schwinn exerciser sprocket

    measures 10-5/8 dia. 35.00 shipped in the 48 Only I ship no where else and can only ship on Saturday mornings PP no fee to me.
  6. Blackout

    SOLD Goodrich license plate topper

    original topper 35. obo shipped in the 48 Only PP no fees to me I can only ship on Saturday mornings or some tues/wens early evenings
  7. Blackout

    deko discs

    seems they are no longer in business??? looking for a set don't care what design is on them for a project. Convo only.
  8. Blackout

    large sprockets (schwinn exerciser/custom alum)

    Schwinn exerciser 65 tooth 45.00 now 40.00 custom cut aluminum 3/16 thick 80 tooth, maybe have machined for 1/8" or run 3/16 chain with 1/8 rear sprocket Sold.... shipped in the 48 only and I can only ship on Saturdays. diff in size laying on top of another
  9. Blackout

    problems with viewing images (full size)

    I have problems getting pics. to show full size when I click on the picture it says 'click this image to show the full-size version' when I do some work some don't even my own pics. that are directly uploaded to the site have had this for quite awhile now, get it on my laptop and phone ??
  10. Blackout

    13 Dayzz

    switched frames 13 dayzz ago hence the name and threw this together can see the build thread here added some extra chrome bars thanks to the plumbing isle, 8 speed rear, extended the bars, added the skeleton part...
  11. Blackout

    RRBBO13 13 Dayzz.. calling it done

    buildoff 13 and 13 days left so...…. using my one chance to switch bikes as no way Bare Bomber was going to get done so had that build moved into the regular build section. I dug thru what little stash I have left and was going to build up another colson frame like I used on Bare Bonnie(ville)...
  12. Blackout

    Found....Dana 3 speed setup WTB

    Per title.. Looking for a dana 3 speed bb setup convo only please instead of posting here. Thanks
  13. Blackout

    what do you listen to while building?

    What do you listen to while building or staring at your build for the next move? Had a little time to sit and stare at my tape mocked up frame/tank today and was listening to Metallica always gets me motivated. depends on the day Metallica/Segar/Zeppelin/Fleetwood Mac/Hendrix/Black Sabbath and...
  14. Blackout

    REDUCED early lights/wide wald bars/badges

    now 70.00 2 early lights with rear lenses one bracket is broken 75.00 shipped in the 48 only and I can only ship on Saturday mornings Sold as is...
  15. Blackout

    Early seat

    Well I ended up probably against my better judgement trading something and $ for this seat as now I feel the urge to build a bike around it ;) seen on some mid teens Indian maybe others? Has some of the nose rusted off but thats no biggie.
  16. Blackout


    bought this waterslide sticker on glass, wood cabinet looks to be homemade long ago and done very well.. passed it on to a local buddy today for what I paid for it just have no room for some of this stuff anymore.
  17. Blackout

    fat tire rim width??

    What would be a good rim width for a 26x4.5 tire. I like a tire that bulges out from rim so that rim does not look near as wide as tire, new to the fat tire thing any input appreciated and pics. would be helpful before I buy rims did some searching but have not found anything helpful so far and...
  18. Blackout

    WTB Hawthorne skirt guards or maybe JC Higgins

    want to buy Hawthorne skirt guards consider JC Higgins also. Convo me with what you have instead of posting here as I don't check my ads as often as I should.
  19. Blackout

    Blackout.... ride video added friday

    throwing it out here, chopped up a X53 converted to shaft drive, deep fenders extended, German made fork, custom stem/bars/rear end/fender braces/seat mounts/Fire.....etc... was hoping to get it painted in different shades of black No time so shes just in black primer then got mooned for the old...
  20. Blackout

    Blackout... brighter pics. added... guess I made a hotrod and got mooned again

    Going to jump in had fun doing Bare Bonnie(ville) last year, my winter build off Black rat dragster did not get near finished just had way to much going on but it will get finished another day. Naming this one just Blackout as black is my fav. color, haven't decided shiny or patina black yet...