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  1. ParkRNDL

    Not too shabby for free (Giant MTB)

    So a couple of days ago, my son asked me "hey, you want a bike for free?" (To which the correct answer, of course, is ALWAYS "yes.") One of his college housemates graduated and moved back home a few states away, and he left behind a bike he didn't want. It had been sitting on a porch untouched...
  2. ParkRNDL

    24 inch Spaceliner-ish Spyder-ish something-or-other

    At a community yard sale yesterday, I stumbled upon a junk dealer type guy with loads of old bikes. Mostly Walmart type stuff, but a few others too. Couldn't resist rescuing this one for 25 bucks. It's a real Frakenstein project, but it's also oddball cool. Suntour shifter Huret cable guide...
  3. ParkRNDL

    Collegiate: updated drivetrain

    This was the first Collegiate I bought, the one that got me hooked on "lightweight" Schwinns. The intent was to fix it up for my wife, but my daughter claimed it once she saw the color. She loves the way it looks, and has been on a few rides on it, but she was not a fan of hunting for gears...
  4. ParkRNDL

    1983 Diamond Back Silver Streak: Diamond in the Rough

    So there's nothing particuarly outstanding or unusual about this bike, or this build, other than that it's a largely original survivor. What may be a little unusual is the story of how I got it. I quite literally rescued this bike from the trash. I knocked on the door of the nearest house...
  5. ParkRNDL

    24" Schwinn Speedster camelback frame

    Looking for a 24" Schwinn Speedster frame as a starting point for a BMX cruiser. These came as single-speed coaster or 3-speed, but I need to be able to mount a rear brake, so I don't know if a coaster frame will work. Something like this: thanks!
  6. ParkRNDL

    now I gotta build a bike... (24" Speedster)

    so I have always loved Schwinn camelback frames. Lately I've been on a strandie/BMX cruiser kick, where I built two 26" Speedsters into bombers: The yellow bike is running castoff wheels from a cheap MTB; for the the black one, I spent a couple hundred bucks on a "real" BMX cruiser wheelset...
  7. ParkRNDL

    Overnight transformation: 1973 Speedster

    Just about exactly a year ago, I brought home this 1973 Speedster in need of TLC. I didn't have a definite plan for it, I just have a thing for rescuing Schwinn 26" camelback frames. I tinkered with it enough to make it rideable, then hung it in the shed and it has been sitting there...
  8. ParkRNDL

    Couldn't resist. I feel so dirty.

    Fine, sue me. It's cheap Chinese junk. But it's a campus green Sting-Ray and I like it.
  9. ParkRNDL

    Abandoned Turnpike ride in Central PA

    Got to participate in a great ride yesterday. A group from Philadelphia organized a ride along the Abandoned Turnpike between Sideling Hill, PA and Breezewood, PA. There were over 30 riders, with folks coming from from Philly, Pittsburgh, New Jersey, Maryland, and probably more. I'll let the...
  10. ParkRNDL

    late entry... name yet to be determined

    in this sad little pile is most of what one would need to cobble together an ersatz Schwinn Fastback... I bought the frame/fork and some accompanying hardware (see the first two pics in this thread) last summer because I was jonesing for a Fastback, but soon after that I acquired the...
  11. ParkRNDL

    Off-brand BMX scooter?

    Picked this up at a yard sale today. Aeroglide Street Force. Hmmm. Anybody heard of this one before? I know the big name brand ones are collectible...
  12. ParkRNDL

    DB Silver Streak

    Never really was big into BMX as a kid, though I was the right age when the current Old School stuff was the new thing. I had friends with bikes like Mongoose, Supergoose, Redline, Hutch, Skyway, PK Ripper, all the others. My brother had an '83 Schwinn Predator that he swapped out every part on...
  13. ParkRNDL

    old school BMX find

    picked up for next to nothing... time to buy a lottery ticket :grin:
  14. ParkRNDL

    Speedster 26" BMX Cruiser

    This is where the build took me, and it's pretty much exactly what I envisioned. Maybe I'm just getting old, but the more I try to ride 20" muscle bikes with my group of bike nerd friends, the more I've been getting into the idea of 26" BMX cruisers. I have a few that have been put together...
  15. ParkRNDL

    new Huffy split tube? What the heck? (also, working at DSG as a bike tech)

    What in tarnation are these? And do they work? I saw them at work yesterday, will try to make a long story short: so I have two sons who work at DSG (I am referring to the big box sporting goods chain that the forum software censors out haha) and for a couple of years now on and off, I have...
  16. ParkRNDL

    swap out 5 speed for 6 speed?

    My daughter has a nice '76 Collegiate 5-speed that she doesn't ride much because she doesn't like having to reach for the stem and hunt for the gears when shifting. She likes the 3-speeds I have much better because she can just click to shift with her thumb. So I was stripping a couple of old...
  17. ParkRNDL

    Ladies' Western Flyer Fairway Flyer

    Can anyone tell me who manufactured this and what year? My guess is Murray, early '70s...
  18. ParkRNDL

    Ladies' Western Flyer Fairway Flyer

    So I'm trying to get the women in my life interested in taking a bike ride with me now and again. Recently, both my wife and my daughter have made it clear that they prefer the 3-speed Shimano thumb click shifter on the girls' Free Spirit I picked up a couple of years ago to the vague 5-speed...
  19. ParkRNDL

    Pre-war step-through just for laughs

    So I have a friend at work who lives on a farmette and was looking for a yard-art or garden bike. And I have another friend who collects loads of old bike stuff and is always looking to unload something to clear out space in the shop. I mentioned the search for yard art to him and he wheeled...
  20. ParkRNDL

    '75 Schwinn Typhoon

    at least that's what I think it is based on the serial...