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  1. KOTA

    HELP..Trike hub

    A neighbor asked me to check out a used Schwinn trike....It looked brand new! Nubs still on tires...She rode it, liked it, asked me my opinion, I said I'd buy (price:$125)...The only rust was on the drive gear.....She rode it today and it started free wheeling, then it would catch....I've got it...
  2. KOTA

    What's in a NAME ?

    Nobody has started this thread yet. Picking a name for a build has always been my favorite part of the entire process...Some names need explaining..some don't....So how about sharing how the name of your build came about... Mine: Pyola Kayrap... When I looked at some of the things I was going...
  3. KOTA

    Post cool stuff you see in Build-Off 13!

    Sometimes it's hard to keep up with ALL the builds...See something cool, on "someone else's build" it here.
  4. KOTA

    RRBBO13 Pyola Kayrap

    See what happens....may take awhile to get to it.
  5. KOTA

    Ever Seen One?

    Interesting, but I've never seen one. Anybody?
  6. KOTA

    First build won't die!

    When I started this hobby around 2004, I knew I wanted to build something completely different. I found a site (bike rod n custom) that had customs on it. I decided to build my first bike. That was over 12 years ago. I had no idea what I was doing, and I still don't. Over the years it went...
  7. KOTA

    "Trot Rot"....hot2trot

    "Trot Rot"..A 60's Woman's Columbia Thunderbolt, converted to a kickbike. No chain. No pedals. No gears...Human powered simplicity. My version of a Rat Rod Kick Scooter. BUILD THREAD:
  8. KOTA

    "Trot Rot"

    Here we go! Trottinette is french for scooter. Rot, is well, just rotten. My wife and I haven't been biking to much for a few years, we still do. but we mostly do scooting. It's different, a lot slower pace, easy to mount or dismount. Easy to transport (much lighter). I find myself enjoying...
  9. KOTA


    I haven't really been around for a few years. Most of the members names are new to me. I entered my first build off in 2008, actually two in 2008 (Kids Bike Build Off). I was an "old" man back then, and guess what, I haven't got any younger! A few years ago I lost my desire to build (anything)...
  10. KOTA

    Let the SCOOTER builders unite...

    Inspired by dracothered's thread "Let the Trike bulders unite...". Let's see'em Crickets.....Crickets...Crickets. :rolleyes:
  11. KOTA


    I haven't built a bike in a long time. Two reasons, I'm getting "older", and time. I seem to have less time, since I retired. That's probably because I'm going slower now. I got rid of about 99% of my bicycle parts stash.... I RIDE more than ever (Electra Townie 21D), and because I HATE walking...
  12. KOTA

    Sidewalker Scoot

    I haven't built anything in a while, life's been busy! I do like scooters, we have a few. I figured you guys might be getting tired of looking at bikes. :lol: ... I came across this one cheap (new $300..paid $99). We use them if we want to get around in a city (downtown), or wherever there's...
  13. KOTA

    NEW folding bike

    I know it's probably junk. The catalog has them for 19.95 shipping. Type in bike in search ... =S&DL=SEH4
  14. KOTA

    Added to my Bucket list

    This looks like a lot of fun!
  15. KOTA

    Just for FUN!

    Who says lightning can't strike TWICE! :lol: :lol: It's been over a year since I've built a bike, so this is all I have....Just having fun. :wink: [/
  16. KOTA

    Chinese Scooter

    This will probably keep me busy for a while. This is a 150cc Ruckus clone. There are scooter forums out there that "appear" to be as friendly and as informative as this great site. Chinese scooters are cheap and inexpensive, but hey I like a challenge. If I get this thing "purring", then I'll...
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  18. KOTA

    FELT IT! (quake)

    Felt the tremors in Western MA!...Sitting in my recliner, started swaying back and forth. Rocking chair on the other side of room started rocking. Never experienced that before. VERY weird.
  19. KOTA

    "Chain of Fools" (complete)

    This was the first bike I "built", about 8yrs. ago. So it has some type of sentimental value, to me. The first version had ape hangers (of course). Laid back 25 inch apes. But it gave the bike what's known as the "tiller" effect. To turn you ran out of room, the handle bars got so far away from...
  20. KOTA

    Little "RAY"

    For my grandson....Left over from his older sister. He dug it out of the back of the shed. He likes riding it, and he does look COOL on it! But we had to BOY it up!....Four hours later. Girlie version Boy'd up version