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  1. handyandy1100

    Fuji Sanibel ebike

    Found this on Facebook Marketplace a couple weeks ago. Been thinking about building an ebike, but came across this for about the price of a kit. Plus it's got similar geometry to my Electra and Ocean Pacific cruisers and disc brakes.
  2. handyandy1100

    Fuji Sanibel

    Picked this little gem up last weekend. I was contemplating converting my Electra Townie to an eBike and this Fuji showed up on Facebook Marketplace for less money than a kit and battery to do it myself. This bike has similar geometry to the Townie so it's a comfy cruiser. 8 speed cassette...
  3. handyandy1100

    Low Buck Anti-Klunk

    I was "gifted" a rusty Magna Great Divide mountain-ish bike. As it turned out the seat tube is 18," meaning there's a chance I could ride it. So with a couple of hot sweaty late afternoons I began working on it. I just had a hitch installed on my car so I can use a bike carrier. This bike will...
  4. handyandy1100

    Grandpa was cool.

    My sister sent me this copy of an old photo. This is my Grandpa with the go cart he built. Before he built it, he built his own arc welder. She also sent photos of his notebook (old school kind with lined paper, no hard drive, lol) showing notes and designs for the welder. He may not have been...
  5. handyandy1100


    Picked up this Columbia built Goodyear Hi-way Patrol awhile back. Decided it needs to given some TLC. Gonna make it over in old school hot rod style, but with a bit of rattiness for extra flavor. :) Name refers to CB lingo for a Highway Patrol officer. So far, I have added a springer fork...
  6. handyandy1100

    Goodyear Hi-way Patrol

    Just picked up this old Columbia built Goodyear cruiser. Probably make a pretty good rat rod. Since the rear rack is such a different color, I was wondering if it was original equipment or not. The elderly lady I bought it from said her late husband rode it a lot. I didn't ask when he passed...
  7. handyandy1100

    Welcom Back Cottered...

    Picked up this old Ertl trike to fix up for my grandson. He's only 14 months so I have plenty of time to get it ready. LOL I need some help with the cottered cranks. One pin is good and snug even though the nut doesn't tighten as the threads are stripped. The other pin is loose and the...
  8. handyandy1100

    One day wooden framed trike build!

    No build-off for me this year. Promised my wife we would work on the yard this summer. Also building wood stuff for the grandson. He turned 14 earlier this week. 14 months that is. Started a little project this morning This evening it looks like this...
  9. handyandy1100

    Springer on a Townie?

    Been thinking about putting a springer fork on my Townie. A Monark style fork would be coolest, but that's above my pay grade. Have to settle for a Schwinn style springer. Hard part is dealing with the Townie head tube length, 10" from race to race. And it's a 1-1/8" steer tube too. I'm seeing...
  10. handyandy1100

    Best Wishes Y'all

  11. handyandy1100

    Western Flyer

    Saw this on FB Marketplace. Description says it's a 1959 Western Flyer Deluxe. I didn't think it was that old. Kinda makes me REFLECT a bit on it. LOL Sent from my SM-G986U using Tapatalk
  12. handyandy1100


    I recently picked up this Ocean Pacific Roller. O.P. - hence the name Opie. It's an aluminum frame and very similar to Electra's Cruiser model. Been slapping parts from my stash on it to see what works. Sent from my SM-G986U using Tapatalk
  13. handyandy1100

    The Lean Mean Green Machine

    My third build-off and a lot more involved than I thought it would be. The Lean Mean Green Machine is a mixture of a lot of things. A tribute to the no-name green bike I had as a kid, the J C Higgins Colorflow and Manifold bikes, the X-53 bike, old school Ford model T and A hot rods, and the...
  14. handyandy1100

    Surf's up dude!

    Saw this Ocean Pacific cruiser on FB Marketplace for $40 and decided to check it out. Kinda cool bike. Aluminum frame and crank forward like an Electra, but the crank isn't as far forward. Looks a lot like an Electra cruiser too. Decided $40 was a good price and made it mine.
  15. handyandy1100

    New bottom bracket transmission?

    Saw this on Facebook tonight. Anybody seen one in person? Sent from my SM-G986U using Tapatalk
  16. handyandy1100

    Stool samples

    Not an original idea, but I have started hacking junk bike frames in half the make some cool stools. Also makes it easier to haul the junk frames away. Got a few more frames, but no more old exercise bike seats Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  17. handyandy1100

    Cowboy bikes

    I had seen pictures of the Hopalong Cassidy bike but today I discovered the Gene Autry bike. Anybody know of any other cowboy or Western themed bicycles? Might make a cool build off idea. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  18. handyandy1100

    BO15 Lean Mean Green Machine

    Another build-off and once again, I drew a blank on a name. Basically, I wanted a green bike. My second bike was dark green, probably a rattle can paint job. It was bought for me by my parents from the father of the lady who lived behind us. He built bikes out of old parts. He recycled before it...
  19. handyandy1100

    Train light?

    Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  20. handyandy1100

    Trek Trikester

    Saw this little trike on FB Marketplace. From what I found online, Trek made this trike from 2008-2012. But from 2009 on it was a different item than the 2008 model. This one is a 2008, the one year only version. Maybe it will appreciate in value. Who knows, but in the meantime it's a cool...