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  1. Wizzletooth

    Huffy, Savannah Cruise

    Foam handlebars still intact. Cheap bike to flip,paint is scratch less,only the seat is ripped.
  2. Wizzletooth

    Dyno Von Franco

    Bolts all rusted on,seat and grips wrong and a little scratched up. The grease in bottom bracket is rock hard, but it was a bargain.
  3. Wizzletooth


  4. Wizzletooth

    BMX, cruiser

    Heavy duti wheelset, BMX neck and ribbed for your pleasure seatpost. Decals say Hanter/ Makaha. Will make a quick flip.
  5. Wizzletooth

    Roadmaster brass head badge

    $30.00 OBO shipped
  6. Wizzletooth

    Sun RevMX

    Facebook marketplace find, fun bike .
  7. Wizzletooth

    24"Felt rims ,Thick Brick white walls SOLD SOLD SOLD

    Red rims,Thick Bricks,slightly used. $300 shipped or $250 local Tucson pickup. Same day shipping,Paypal prefered
  8. Wizzletooth

    Fuji cruiser turned bmx klunker

    Was badly spray bombed teal,but had some cool skirted fenders. Don't know what to do with fenders but bike turned out pretty cool. 60 dollars for aluminium klunker.
  9. Wizzletooth

    Vintage mtn bike handlebars

    Are these worth anything?cleaning out my crap, forgot i had these.
  10. Wizzletooth

    Red Baron

    Brand new out of the box.
  11. Wizzletooth

    Trail cruiser

    Needed an off road bike for next week,threw this frankenbike together, goes pretty good in the sand and uo the hills.
  12. Wizzletooth

    Roadmaster repop light SOLD!

    few scratches,little bit of rust inside,works. $110.shipped obo
  13. Wizzletooth

    SOLD! Felt fat tire rims

    Black 26" rims off of a 2011 fat tire ale bike. Barely used condition.$260.00 shipped or local pickup for $200
  14. Wizzletooth

    2 Felts for the price of one

    Been wanting an ElGuapo for a while still have to fix the seat,already rebuilt the kickstand. Added the Thompson grips.
  15. Wizzletooth

    Deluxe Frankinspace

    Done,more pictures and description to follow
  16. Wizzletooth

    X53 fork, skip tooth chain/ ring

    Crusty but functioning X53 springer, works great been repainted. $100.00 shipped. Or $130.00 shipped for everything. Skip tooth chain and sprocket $45.00 shipped. Pay pal prefered
  17. Wizzletooth

    BO15 Deluxe Frankinspace

    Starting with frame from last years build off and a tank from a girls bike and modern mountain bike fork and what ever else is laying around . Started altering tank yesterday not realizing the build off was going on. Think I'll paint frame this time.
  18. Wizzletooth

    Electra "Custom" cruiser/BMX/clunker

    Three speed nexus,fat flame tires. Need to get a straight BMX fork and probably ditch chain guard.
  19. Wizzletooth

    Found a trailer to match my Deep 6

  20. Wizzletooth

    Finally got a Monark

    Need to find fender light. Came with original seat a d grips but I like these for riding. Old restore, rides real smooth.