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  1. Jsparks

    Electra Special Deluxe 3I

    Looking for a Electra Special Deluxe with 3sp internal hub. If anyone has one or knows where I could possibly find one. Please let me know. Would possibly have a Felt Monster in just about perfect condition to trade. Thanks for taking time to look.
  2. Jsparks


    Has anyone heard from him lately, Sent PM eariler this week no response. Kinda unusual to not here back from him.
  3. Jsparks

    Lay back post 25.4mm for my Felt canvas and Monster cruiser.

    Doe anyone have a source for the these. I can but would rather not use a BMX style. Please let me know if you have some or a source to purchase from.
  4. Jsparks

    Womens JC Higgins tank

    Up today is Womens JC Higgins Tank. Very good shape Original Paint no dents. Has horn parts with very little corrosion, Not sure it it works or not. Will ship for $100 thanks for looking.
  5. Jsparks

    Boiled Linseed Oil ( first try )

    Getting ready to attempt BLO for the first time. Looking for tips and or suggestions on how to go about this. What would be best kind of rags to use and such. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Jsparks

    Fender Braces for JC Higgins Jet Flow

    Looking for set of fenders braces. Just to be clear the ones that go on outside of fenders. Please let me know if anyone as any. Would not have problem if had to buy fenders also, just already have fenders.
  7. Jsparks

    Columbia Firebolt

    Many of you followed build on this one. As we tend to do we put time effort and too much money in our builds, then sometimes life gets in the way. So I'm putting this one up for sale. 1963 Columbia Firebolt frame and chainguard has been powder coated, forks and running gear are not original...
  8. Jsparks

    Heavy Duti from Chuck

    Got me another frame from Chuck, went ahead and stripped paint. Resprayed with some satin white in the cabinet. rims came from a Huffy off local CL tires from ebay 26x2.50 fill up nicely. Waiting on chain and need to make descicon on handlebars. My oldest son says "why even bother everything...
  9. Jsparks

    24 inch parts and NOS Troxel Banana Seat.

    Trying to get some funds back from parts for project that got off line due to some mistakes I made. First up Rat Trap Springer, I bought this off of the Bay early 2016 was reped as a 26 I had no immediate use so just unpacked and placed on shelf. When trying to complete project bike discovered...
  10. Jsparks

    Banana Spaceliner

    Had a Spaceliner frame and Rat trap fork that I was unsuccessful in selling a few months ago. So I decided to go ahead with a build up of the frame. Going to go with Banana seat, apes and staggered tires. Paint job is just going to be rattlecan to keep cost down. Thanks for taking time to look.
  11. Jsparks

    1980's Schwinn "Tuxedo Typhoon"

    I purchased a set of 65mm rims to try and use on a DYNO GLIDE I had at the time. Turned out they where to big for the rear triangle. So I had this rather expensive set of rims just sitting around taunting me from the corner of my garage. Went to bicycle swap meet one weekend and found a 1980...
  12. Jsparks

    1963 Columbia Firebolt

    Just wanted to start build thread on my Firebolt project. I first saw a picture of one of these bikes years ago, and said to myself that one day i would like to have one of those. Seemed like out of all the bike that pop up on this site and the bay never a Firebolt. Then one one came up on this...
  13. Jsparks

    Kickstand removal Columbia Firebolt

    Checking to see if anyone knows the trick in removing the internal kickstand on Columbia Firebolt. Having issues posting pictures at the moment so hopefully I can explain what stage i'm currently at. Have been able to remove the protective cap, and old snap ring. After looking online I read at...
  14. Jsparks

    Mounted tire size on 26x65mm rims

    I recently bought some 65mm rims from Ind-Chuck, tried to use them with some BOA-G too wide for my Dyno cruiser (Look awesome though). They are a little over 3.25 inches wide inflated. Would anybody have any idea how wide some 26x3.0 tires would be mounted. Hopefully I have explained this well...
  15. Jsparks

    Schwinn Twin Straight Bar

    1962 Schwinn Twin Straight Bar 26 inch frame, forks, stem, chain ring chainguard and seat post and pedals. I stripped frame before building up repainted wit rattle can and cleared with Spraymax 2k clear. Would be easy strip if so desired. Need to disclose that forks were filed to fit modern axle...
  16. Jsparks

    Happy 4th of July weekend

    Not a Bike Topic at all. Just wanted to wish everybody on RRB a Safe and Happy 4th of July. With a special raise of the glass of all who Served.
  17. Jsparks

    Schwinn Rear Rack

    For Sale Schwinn Rear Rack very good shape, at one point had surface rust. Took care of that with alum foil/wd40. Jewels sprayed flat black. Pictures tell story on condition. Asking $75 plus shipping. If you feel price is excessive feel free to make offer. Thanks for looking.
  18. Jsparks


    For sale set of BOA-G's excellent shape came on Dyno-glide I bought recently. Replaced with Whitewall BOA-G. Pictures show condition also show that one has Gold lettering and other has Silver lettering. Asking $90.00 shipped for both.
  19. Jsparks

    Stingray Replica build for Cancer Survivor

    My neighbor of over 15 years has been given a clean bill of health from his battle with bladder cancer. While talking at the mailbox he asked if I could possibly build him a fullsize Stingray as he never had one as a kid. I told him sure I could even had most of the parts for one already. Not a...
  20. Jsparks


    Not sure if this qualifies as a fresh find for many of you but to me it is pretty cool. Just picked up today for what I think is a good price. Had a real bad banana seat on it which came off as soon as I got it home. Light surface rust which seemed to come off without too much effort. Just hit a...