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  1. bikewhorder

    L'Angelo Di Ferro the Movie!

    ... Ok maybe more of a music video, but still. This was a thing I was so excited to put together while I was making it but for some reason it took me three years to make it happen. Oh well, better late than never. enjoy!
  2. bikewhorder

    BO15 Jack Knife

    Hi, I'm fashionably late to this party as always but hopefully I'll finish one this year. Some of you may wonder if I ever finished Volo, sadly no, its been collecting dust ever since the build off ended last year but I will finish it I promise (I'm putting in a vote now for the unfinished...
  3. bikewhorder


    Hello, I know I'm a bit late to this party but I do need to throw my hat in the ring this year. I've got a bike I've been dreaming about building for over a year now. Those of you who have followed my past builds will see a some familiar trends but don't call me a one trick pony just yet...
  4. bikewhorder

    Question... Do the bikes need to be pedal powered?

    I was thinking my bike idea would be best suited as an electric powered vehicle. If i could ditch the whole crank set up it would make the design so much more feasible. It doesn't say I can't right?
  5. bikewhorder

    RRBBO13 Low Baller

    Aight, So I know I stated that I was side lining myself this year but I can't stop thinking about and drawing up bikes I could build. The creative juices have been flowing to the point that I have what could best be described as "diarrhea of the imagination". These ideas keep gravitating towards...
  6. bikewhorder

    New England Builders Ball Sept. 23 come see L'Angelo di Ferro!

    Hi all, just thought I'd pass this along, I've been invited to show my winning Build Off 12 bike at this show. It's still a work in progress but I'll have there anyway if anyone wants to come see it.
  7. bikewhorder

    L'Angelo di Ferro

    Ok so first off a confession, This is my second build off entry under my Bikewhorder name but I competed in BOTEN under an alias (Waldo Jeffers) for reasons that aren't important now. I did pretty good, finished third overall even though my bike was a bit rough around the edges. This year I'm...
  8. bikewhorder

    Monark 26XXX

    Heres a pic!
  9. bikewhorder

    Monark 26XXX

    Hello, so this is getting off to a late start but I'm hoping that starting a thread will motivate me to throw a bike together before the end of the month. I bought this bike last year and as is typical for me I haven't hardly touched it since. Some of you may recognize it as a the (ironically...
  10. bikewhorder

    Making bicycle grips molding/casting?

    Sorry if this topic has been covered on here, I searched around a bit and came up empty handed. I have a custom grip I'd like to make. I've been watching Youtube tutorials on how to do casting but I've never done it and was wondering if anyone had much experience with this and could steer me in...
  11. bikewhorder

    Anyone in Austin Tx willing to help ship a bike?

    I found I bike I really want but the seller has been dragging his feet about even taking the bike to a shop to be boxed for shipping. The bike is a whizzer actually and I really just want the Whizzer specific parts so a good deal of the bike itself (prewar RoadMaster) could be yours if you...
  12. bikewhorder

    Columns of text?

    Hello, I don't check in here much but ever since the site got a makeover it looks like this on my computer. Is that how it looks for everyone? Seems messed up to me. I'm using windows 8.1 on a laptop mostly.
  13. bikewhorder

    I hate Hello's

    Hi, my name is Chris and I am a bike collector. Most of you who frequent the Cabe will know me from my frequent snide and sarcastic comments on there. I don't venture over to this side of the tracks too often except to troll the classified listings. All that is about to change though as I...
  14. bikewhorder

    A Ratoriole Question.

    So anyone who's into antique balloon tired bikes is familiar with the beautiful and dramatic offerings from Elgin in the mid 1930's. The Bluebird, Blackhawk/Falcon, Robin, and Skylark are the pinnacles of bicycle styling and today command prices that only the deep pocketed collectors can...