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  1. ParkRNDL

    Not too shabby for free (Giant MTB)

    So a couple of days ago, my son asked me "hey, you want a bike for free?" (To which the correct answer, of course, is ALWAYS "yes.") One of his college housemates graduated and moved back home a few states away, and he left behind a bike he didn't want. It had been sitting on a porch untouched...
  2. ParkRNDL

    Rant: why I have trouble supporting the LBS

    Checking in late on this thread to say that I am one of the lucky ones. The owner of my LBS knows that I come in trying to piece together old junk, and he has advised me on what works and what doesn't and let me pick through the junkyard in the back room for stuff. Most recently, he picked out a...
  3. ParkRNDL

    What have you been riding lately?

    We had a pretty diverse collection at last night's Retro-Ride: We set out to visit a nearby park where there are some new art installations from a local chainsaw artist. We were not disappointed. It is my firm belief that all good rides end with pizza or ice cream. (And the best rides end...
  4. ParkRNDL

    24 inch Spaceliner-ish Spyder-ish something-or-other

    It's funny. I've been thinking about all these different directions to take it, like I have a set of 24" BMX cruiser wheels I could put on it, or I could maybe hunt down parts to make it look like the muscle bike it probably started out as... but I think I like your idea better. I have a rear...
  5. ParkRNDL

    24 inch Spaceliner-ish Spyder-ish something-or-other

    At a community yard sale yesterday, I stumbled upon a junk dealer type guy with loads of old bikes. Mostly Walmart type stuff, but a few others too. Couldn't resist rescuing this one for 25 bucks. It's a real Frakenstein project, but it's also oddball cool. Suntour shifter Huret cable guide...
  6. ParkRNDL


    BUILD OFF! I have been wondering about the big one this year, and apparently I haven't been scrolling down past Bike Talk to find this discussion. I have been obsessed with Schwinn Speedster/Collegiate type frames for a while now. I entered last year with a Speedster built into a kind of 26" BMX...
  7. ParkRNDL

    What have you been riding lately?

    The Coppertone Fastback, second one in. We had 3 Fastbacks, a '64 Sting-Ray, and a Flamboyant Lime Collegiate on this ride.
  8. ParkRNDL

    I need to know what the exact purpose of this system is.

    On that note, a guy in our group has an interesting novelty... It's a Cannondale Comfort 800. This bike came with an SRAM Dual Drive 24-speed system, which is a 3-speed internal hub with an 8-speed cassette stuck to the end of it. A previous owner decided to up the ante and install a triple...
  9. ParkRNDL

    Collegiate: updated drivetrain

    This was the first Collegiate I bought, the one that got me hooked on "lightweight" Schwinns. The intent was to fix it up for my wife, but my daughter claimed it once she saw the color. She loves the way it looks, and has been on a few rides on it, but she was not a fan of hunting for gears...
  10. ParkRNDL

    What have you been riding lately?

    Thursday: '67 Fastback Rode this one 6.5 miles today. I always forget that these things are not designed for that.
  11. ParkRNDL

    What have you been riding lately?

    Tuesday: '72 Collegiate
  12. ParkRNDL

    What have you been riding lately?

    Sunday: '73 Speedster-turned-BMX cruiser/strandie Monday: '51 J.C. Higgins
  13. ParkRNDL

    Post your 26 bmx cruisers here...

    Wow, I didn't realize how many bikes I have that fall into this category, as long as we keep the category kinda loose. 1967 Speedster: 1973 Speedster: 1975 Typhoon: 1964 Hornet: 2013(ish) Deliveri:
  14. ParkRNDL

    Apollo Racer

    Great looking bike. I have two Apollos, neither as nice as this one. I can confirm that they flex like nobody's business, so you have to go easy on them. But they get loads of attention; people love them. The color on this one is fantastic.
  15. ParkRNDL

    1983 Diamond Back Silver Streak: Diamond in the Rough

    So there's nothing particuarly outstanding or unusual about this bike, or this build, other than that it's a largely original survivor. What may be a little unusual is the story of how I got it. I quite literally rescued this bike from the trash. I knocked on the door of the nearest house...
  16. ParkRNDL

    DB Silver Streak

    nothin' like leaving it till the last minute... here's the highlights from today's rush-job photo shoot :grin: I'm off to put up a finished bike post. looks like I have 49 minutes. :rofl:
  17. ParkRNDL

    DB Silver Streak

    Last month at the bike swap in Westminster, MD, I paid what I think was a little too much for this: Looked just right for this bike. This will likely be the finishing touch; I will try to take advantage of the nice weather predicted for the next few days and get some pics to submit.
  18. ParkRNDL

    now I gotta build a bike... (24" Speedster)

    haven't checked in for a while... just seeing this now. sending PM. thanks!
  19. ParkRNDL

    late entry... name yet to be determined

    Setting this one aside for another build-off. I wouldn't exactly say I've lost interest in it, but I'm not feeling it right now. I will eventually revisit this.
  20. ParkRNDL

    now I gotta build a bike... (24" Speedster)

    hey, I had a project that started out as the Manta Racer! It ended up being the Manta Ray II...