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  1. OddJob

    ☠ ᗷᑌTTEᖇᗷᗩᒪᒪ ᗷᗩᑎᗪIT ☠(ᗩKᗩ - ᑕᕼᑌᗷᗷY)

    Well, I wouldn't say everyone else. I typically build too fast to keep any secrets. :wink1: :nerd:
  2. OddJob

    Chuck Wagon

    Your proportions look good, front to back on this trike build. With the name 'Chuck Wagon' I'm seeing a wooden platform with stave sides in the back. Maybe a wood burned or laser engraved sign that says "Chuck". :bigsmile:
  3. OddJob


    No one told the wind, "We're building wheels, not wind chimes!" :mad:
  4. OddJob

    British Steel

    I like the theme and plan! RaT oN~!
  5. OddJob

    Rollin bones

    Higgins cheese grater, cool! Slice and dice oN~!
  6. OddJob


    That chain ring crank combo looks good! I know you were going for a simple , clean build, Doc. But the fine details are coming out in your work, as always, and I know you will go with the flow as the build progresses. Good to have you back in the RRB BO !
  7. OddJob


    Yeah, that has a cool vibe for sure Doc! I suggested the WTB tires for @MazdaFlyer 's build a couple years back, and I think they fit his resto-mod as well. Your rim color is really unique, and will set this one apart from others.
  8. OddJob

    '53 Bel Airflow Shelby

    So, my friend Tom aka @KJV , asked about the 'original 1953 colors' for my build. I am going to replicate my dad's '53 Bel Air in that Woodland Green. Found an original GMC color Emerald Green which is very very close. Not sure if this bike will turn out to be completely 'shiny' or maybe a...
  9. OddJob

    '53 Bel Airflow Shelby

    I hope to get a test ride in on the '53BAFS early this week. Def 'overall' shots coming!
  10. OddJob

    Felt Heavy Duty

    @toro1978 , couple notes on your drive train. First off, I think it's a really cool idea, and have been contemplating that for some time myself. Secondly, that chain, at the length you have it, might be just right as is. Check the 'chain line' when it is in both the big and middle position...
  11. OddJob

    '53 Bel Airflow Shelby

    Haha! I see Yoda now, see him I do. I used a little effect on this, really stands out now.
  12. OddJob

    '53 Bel Airflow Shelby

    Yep, it's original. Anyway it came with the frame and it fits the spot, so I'm assuming it is what it is.
  13. OddJob

    '53 Bel Airflow Shelby

    Spent the day enjoying a bike ride and live jazz at a winery outdoors with my wife. Just a few minutes in the BACK40 to fit a handlebar idea, the Thompson grips, and slid the '3 on the tree' shifter on the, well, tree. Closed a wonderful weekend with a fire on the patio by the pond.
  14. OddJob

    Billy Bobber

    Those white Smoothies are like whipped cream on a hot fudge sundae! And I :inlove: hot fudge sundaes! Cool whip! (double entendre pun intended)
  15. OddJob

    Build Off Bike, MattiThundrrr's

    Well, if you decide to stay 'rustic', then get a BB conversion kit and run a more modern 3 piece crank. That way you can use those cool ^ pedals!
  16. OddJob


    I'm guessing your 'Bird' is getting some new feathers? :wink1: :nod:
  17. OddJob

    ⬡⬣⬡⬣⬡ HEXtreme ⬡⬣⬡⬣⬡

    There's always the ol' Cream of Tartar sauce method of polishing aluminum too. I used that on the Fisher CR7 build back in BO #13. Wow. Just saying that makes it seem so long ago!
  18. OddJob


    This band from Dayton was more my style. I have often thought I was born into the wrong culture.... ow-ow-owww. SGOH, keep those updates coming. Got anything to show us on this beautiful Saturday in May?
  19. OddJob

    '53 Bel Airflow Shelby

    Funny you should mention "exchange of information". See your thread for what I mean; just minutes ago. Sync-RaT-nicity.
  20. OddJob

    Build Off Bike, MattiThundrrr's

    I like the Moose-headed in the right direction. I mean, Canada, moose, Bullwinkle, your humor; it all works. ;) I also like the idea of the knobby mtb tires. Fits with the 'up nort' and woodsy theme. Now of course, a pair of Bullmoose handlebars would def tip the scales in your favor, but...