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  1. thebigorangecat

    Tension Shackle for leather sadle

    Yes, I did not know the term at first, but the old inter-web is a good place to start - here is a photo. Let me know if you have any parts!! If you have the whole assembly i'd be interested in that too! Since my bolt has a square head, most brooks are round, see second pic. I
  2. thebigorangecat

    SOLD Dyno Blue Flame Fenders and Giant APE Bars

    Fenders = $20 plus real shipping or local pick up @ 93030 - SOLD Ape Bars = $40 plus real shipping or local pick up @ 93030 - SOLD Pedals $20 shipped - SOLD All other parts from the bike are sold.
  3. thebigorangecat

    SOLD 80's AMF Showdown Strand Cruiser

    Not sure of the year, guessing early 80's run - not much on the old interweb about these - BUT - it does have the Bottema bmx style extended straight forks - runs true and smooth for a decent runner. Looks to be nearly all original. Local pick up only - 93003 - Can deliver anywhere near...
  4. thebigorangecat

    SOLD Brooks B-17 Brown New Condition

    Rode for about 6-8 months. Bought new and always stored indoor, never wet. Proofhide after most rides. PM me for payment info. $100 shipped. Coaster Brake Garage
  5. thebigorangecat

    Vintage License Plates - eBay plug

    Selling my classic license plate collection, mostly California and Michigan.
  6. thebigorangecat

    Gravity Bike

    A few of the neighborhood kids got the idea to build and race a gravity bike. Figured I would share what we were working on! Let's start with a few donation bikes... ... and cut them up ... ... and keep a few good parts.
  7. thebigorangecat

    GEM-108 Red Reflector - 2-3/8" diameter with wing nut

    Came off a Huffy muscle bike, says GEM-108 and SAE A 73 DOT on the back. $12 shipped USA paypal prefered to:
  8. thebigorangecat

    Klunker Style Moto Bars - Mika Metals Pro Series

    Had these on my klunker and my mountain bike for a bit, light use - takes a typical 7/8" stem clamp diameter. Aluminum Construction with Bar pad and cross bar. 32" wide! $55 shipped USA - paypal preferred to: Just mark SOLD and send payment ;)
  9. thebigorangecat

    1929 & 1933 California License Plates - eBay

    Here's the link, a few bike related items too: 1960 Michigan Tags, 1951 Bike Plate
  10. thebigorangecat

    SOLD 1951 Bicycle License Plate with Jewel Bolt & Bracket, Johnstown, Yellow

    Up for you consideration at very nice 1951 Bike Tag with mounting screw, jem bolt and bracket. $45 shipped USA - SOLD Mark SOLD and process paypal payment to:
  11. thebigorangecat


    UPDATE: ALL REMAINING ITEMS SOLD TOGETHER AS ONE LOT FOR $30 SHIPPED Wald 940 Chrome Seatpost Fit Co Grips, new 165mm Chrome one piece crank 44T Chrome Redline / Sugino Clone Chain Wheel Schwinn S Seatpost Clamp Suzue Quick Release Seatpost Clamp 8" x 25.6 Seatpost 7/8" top 9" x 25.4 Seatpost...
  12. thebigorangecat

    FS Husky aka Pseudo Cook Brothers Cruiser

    Selling my RRBO 14 bike the Husky turned Pseudo Cook Brothers Bike, check out the photos and build at the below links. $550 plus shipping for local pick up in/around Southern California. Finish Build photos...
  13. thebigorangecat

    REDUCED Sissy bar from a Huffy Thunder - Best Offer!

    BEST OFFER + $15 for shipping. nice patina Coaster Brake Garage
  14. thebigorangecat

    Huffy Bread Loaf Muscle Seat!

    Been looking for a while for a decently priced bread loaf seat and couldn’t pass this one up on eBay for $9.99! Coaster Brake Garage
  15. thebigorangecat

    SOLD Schwinn Canti Klunker Part Out!

    Parts or Whole! $230 complete or offers on parts. 1984 Schwinn clear over raw frame. Local pick up preferred, but I will ship worldwide.
  16. thebigorangecat

    Schwinn Canti-Klunk!

    Found a house paint rust fest of a Cruiser, I'm looking to turn to the Klunker Side. As Found...
  17. thebigorangecat

    BOC BUILDS - Gallary of Builds and Bikes by thebigorangecat

    Decided to put the bikes on display here, since they wouldn't all fit in my signature block. :) RRBO.08 - Californication RRBO.13 - Rincon Brew Bike Klunker 2.0 RRBO.14 - PCBR - Pseudo Cook Brothers Racing Cruiser
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    Virtual Awards for all Entries! Printable too!

    Participant Ribbon Finisher Ribbon
  19. thebigorangecat

    Pseudo Cook Brothers Racing Cruiser - PCBR

    Husky Industrial Bike turned King of the Strand. [ CLICK HERE FOR BUILD THREAD ] [ CLICK HERE FOR BUILD THREAD ] Coaster Brake Garage
  20. thebigorangecat

    The Perfect Blend

    Every time, while the process of sourcing parts for my build off project, I always end up with lots of donor bikes and excess “stuff”, so why not find a way to get ratty with all of that. A pile of parts and frames left me with this great patinaed, black and white Hiawatha Meteor Chief frame and...