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  1. gowjobs


    "An edgelord is someone on an internet forum who deliberately talks about controversial, offensive, taboo, or nihilistic subjects in order to shock other users in an effort to appear cool, or edgy." With that in mind, I will start out with an AV Customs RAPTOR frame, and a matching square tube...
  2. gowjobs

    Duck [emoji1658] Nuggets ('37 Elgin Oriole)

    Going to give this bad boy another shot. Other than a haphazard repaint and a couple of small dings, this is a nice example of an Elgin Oriole frame from 1937. Oriole was a lower line bike, and these frames don't seem to pull really big bucks, so I plan to CUT IT UP! My plan is to stretch/rake...
  3. gowjobs

    BO15 CyberCYCO

    This won't be the Class 2 entry with the most outlandish fabrication - it's a pretty old-school cut-and-paste RRBO entry in that regard - but it sure shouldn't be boring. Starting with a couple of bikes, and making one skid machine out of them is the plan. A dark, chrome-plated dystopian future...
  4. gowjobs

    DXnard - Class 2

    I had mentioned in the build off discussion that I had recently come up on another DX frame and fork. I started playing with it and some of my leftover bits and pieces this morning: So the Chop Shop Customz post, Patina Kustoms handlebars, and girder fork made the cut. I went to visit my...
  5. gowjobs

    Beachcomber - Class 2

    Don't know how many of you saw it during the RRBBO, but I took delivery of this AV Customs RAPTOR frame around the end of July. It's design is so different that it has taken me some time to come up with a style or theme in which to build it. While most musclebikes took their stance and styling...
  6. gowjobs

    Insufficient Privileges to Reply in RRBO13 Finished threads

    Last night I started seeing that I have insufficient privileges to reply in the Finished Builds section. I did change my signature yesterday, and I have a suspicion that my home IP address made have changed yesterday morning, following a local internet outage with my cable provider.
  7. gowjobs

    Tycoon: 1962 Schwinn Typhoon 27.5er Conversion

    Well, it's done. Briefly: After abandoning my original plan to make a stretched/raked '51 DX, I swapped to my '62 Typhoon frame, and built it into a really nice strandie/klunk with 27.5er mags, and as many U.S. made components as I could manage. Before Pic: Build Thread...
  8. gowjobs

    Did I miss something? "Final Photo"

    Seems like in the past, finished build threads have included at least one "before" pic, a brief written summary of the build, a link to the build thread, and a bunch of photos of the finished project, the first of which would normally be the one used during voting. Did something change, or are...
  9. gowjobs

    PhotoBucket viewing permissions restored?

    Looks like all of those photobucket pics are back. Maybe PB came to their senses.
  10. gowjobs

    RRBBO13 Tycoon - Almost finished!

    (I'll add more pics soon) This will be a mix of old/new, traditional and modified, classy and trashy. If I do it right, it should turn into something that I want to ride all of the time. The only thing that I can say for an absolute right now is that it will have a Schwinn frame (or two) at its...
  11. gowjobs

    If you'd asked me last week, I may have responded differently...

    ...but this week, I'm really getting a little fired up about building a bike again. As the start date approaches, I'm going to be hard-pressed to keep my hands off of my project until May 1. Anybody else feeling similarly?
  12. gowjobs

    1951 Schwinn DX-L (Class 2)

    Here's a little video of where it's starting. I wanted to ride it around for a bit before i cut it up to see if I had any other issues to take care of. What I didn't show in the time-lapse was trying to straighten out the rear end of the bike - more like spaghetti than seat/chain stays. And...
  13. gowjobs

    TSP CycleFarm Fat Bull - "BullFighter"

    This is my streetfighter/cafe racer take on TSP Cycle Farm's Fat Bull frame: Fork legs are made from solid t6061 aluminum, mounted in triple trees that started out on a pocket bike/mini moto. Used Soma Fabrication quill stems for the clip-on handlebars. 26x65mm Origin-8 wheels have a 135mm...
  14. gowjobs

    1958 Hiawatha (AMF) 'Rat-o Chief

    Started with a purchase of a fairly complete bike, save the wheels. Replaced the low/narrow stock handlebars with the Karfer-built bars from my Astro Supreme project, the bent stock pedals with a pair that I took off of my '62 Typhoon, and added crash bars, knockoff wingnuts, and a set of ebay...
  15. gowjobs

    1958 Hiawatha Rat-o Chief (COMPLETED)

    It doesn't look like I will finish the Astro Supreme in time for the entry deadline, but I figured I could at least post a quick, bolt-together project that I just started. I picked up an AMF-built '58 Hiawatha Strato Chief from @Hawthornecrazy , and decided to try the stem/bars I'd planned for...
  16. gowjobs

    Murray Astro Flite - ASTRO SUPREME

    I've had this ladies Murray Astro Flite frame stashed since shortly after The Renaissance Man first announced that he was going to sell his convertible tanks, and I finally ordered one a couple of weeks back. Thanks to the wonders of the holiday time postal service, it wandered around for over a...
  17. gowjobs

    Dave's Oldster project: "Old Soul"

    Just a couple of pics to tease my next project. Should have some more pics on Thursday-ish to really show what I have planned...
  18. gowjobs

    My Strandie-style rides.

    The first one that I'll post is my Hanter Shopping Cruiser. The Shopping Cruiser was a slightly heavier duty version of their Makaha Cruiser. These were mild steel cruisers with a cro-mo fork and five speed rear clusters/derailleurs. They do feature small, drilled double gussets under the...
  19. gowjobs

    Schwinn Drop Out - Drag Style Bob Job (now with video)

    The idea was to take a 1978 Schwinn Collegiate Sport frame, some early '80s funky BMX forks and a convertible tank of unknown origin, and build something inspired by the wild show/drag motorcycles of the '60s and '70s. I started with my failed attempt at a MBBO entry: ...and ended up with...
  20. gowjobs

    Schwinn Drop Out - Finished, just need to take some pics.

    I've decided to take another shot at my Schwinn Collegiate for this build-off. Same name, but a slightly different approach. EDIT: So the design inspiration (theme, stepping-off-point, whatever) for this bike are those drag/show bikes of the early '60s. Super low and skinny with de-tabbed...