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  1. léocwc

    vintage plate MONARK.

    sheet steel plate, pressed in high relief, painted in polyester. $ 100.00
  2. léocwc

    vintage plate MONARK

    sheet steel plate, pressed in high relief, painted in polyester. $ 100.00
  3. léocwc

    Strage Dark

  4. léocwc

    a beautiful pedal story

    some of you will remember my last build (coca krate). remember that I built it for the purpose of making a friend's dream come true. at 43, celia had never learned to cycle, finally after many hours of training today she is cycling and loves to cycle. the coolest story comes next: I've always...
  5. léocwc

    Raleigh 1956 (lost file)

    for a long time I wanted to share the restoration of this raleigh 1956, 28" that has been part of the family for a long time. this restoration was done in 2018. i had lost these photos, fiddling with old files i found them again.
  6. léocwc


    I already have this project shelved for a long time. I hope the deadline will encourage me to finish this before the end of the year.
  7. léocwc

    Strange Dark

    my starting point is an old 1980 krossll monareta frame. In 1980, the production of this 20-rimmed bicycle model ended. few units were sold in 1980 due to the market change for mountain bikes and bmx. this is the only model that was manufactured with banana saddle.
  8. léocwc

    Coke krate

    this construction was incredible, it all started with an old frame and a dream of a friend who dreamed of learning to ride. today she is cycling gracefully and does not want to ride another bike other than the Krate. all the pieces added are original from the 70's, including the box of coca cola...
  9. léocwc

    BO15 Coke krate

    hello friends, I'm happy to be able to participate in yet another competition, this time the starting point is a 1977 Monark Monareta found in junkyard. it will be my first rat rod construction. Hope you like it
  10. léocwc

    BMX Super Cub

    the main idea was to join two pieces that had been in my warehouse for a long time: I looked at them and thought: 100cc engine honda cub + BMX Jna 80's " = BMX super Cub 100cc. I think we will have an interesting result to say the least.
  11. léocwc

    Monareta Tandem Brasil de ouro 73

    I bought this monareta 73 for a family outing, as soon as I started the project I came across great difficulties, a head of everything that was totally destroyed, original pieces of scales, very rust and disrespect. the parts I liked the most were the saddles I made in red crocodile, kobo horn...
  12. léocwc

    Monark Monareta Tandem 1973 FINISCHED

    My main intention is to bring it closer to the original. some improvements, painting, chroming. I hope you like friends
  13. léocwc


  14. léocwc

    Swedish kroon 1950 bike

    My dad bought this bike from the first owner, and he already has it for 10 years. I always loved this bike and dreamed of putting my hands on it. I got it from my father at the end of the year. Details: original toolbox doc car plate padlock Lighthouse power generator for the headlamp all the...
  15. léocwc

    German boardtracker

    this is my German Goricke 1956. some adaptations were made on the board. increase the tank space, change the lower tube to adapt the engine. great bike, very strong and robust.
  16. léocwc

    CWC Roadmaster, build in Brazil

    It's been a year since I'm riding my bike. I learned a lot from the RRB on this walk. I hope you enjoy the final result.
  17. léocwc

    doubt handlebars

    The handle of my cwc is very rusty, the old owner cut the ends. I found these on ebay. Is it just like the moon torrington model?
  18. léocwc

    help please, Doubt on tire purchase

    Help please, I'm in big doubt! I'm in the last phase of buying parts for my CWC Roadmaster. What are the advantages and disadvantages between these two tires: DURO 26x2.125 model diamond goodyer Schwalbe fat frank 26x2.350 white.
  19. léocwc

    Roadmaster cwc 1940"s in Brazil

    Good morning my friends, my name is leonardo. I am a small collector of old bicycles. I have some German, Swedish and some Brazilian rarities. I always liked the American cwc, but I knew very little about them. Soon I bought a cwc, I imagine it to be a roadmaster or some of the 40's. I'll post...