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  1. Alan Griffin

    Jessie James

    JJ is finished as it’s going to get for now so it’s time to post the final pictures. 😉 Enjoy!
  2. Alan Griffin

    Schwinn 24” Camelback frame

    I’m still looking for a Schwinn 24” camelback frame. The last 2 that I had leads on turned out to be 26” frames. I’d really like to have just the frame, fork and chain guard, but I’d consider anything from just a frame to a complete bike. Let me know what you have. Thanks!
  3. Alan Griffin

    Threads size on Schwinn fork

    Does anyone know for sure what the thread size/pitch is on the top of the made in Chicago Schwinn forks?
  4. Alan Griffin

    Jessie James ( JJ )

    I picked this up planning to use the forks on an OCC Stingray in hopes of correcting the horrible steering geometry they have. However this actually rides pretty good so I stuck it in the back of the shed to work on it someday. I will simply call it Jessie James or JJ for short. This is how I...
  5. Alan Griffin

    Scores from the Redneck Rumble in Lebanon Tn. today.

    Hello all! I went to a car show/ swap meet today and there was quite a good turnout of old bicycles and parts! First thing I found was a complete 27” Schwinn Varsity camelback in blue! (Blue is my favorite Schwinn color) I traded a 20” suspension mountain bike for it. I didn’t take a picture of...
  6. Alan Griffin

    Huff the mighty…..

    Ok moving this build to class 2 to conform to the rules. Here’s the starting point.
  7. Alan Griffin

    Astro Flyer frame and parts

    I found an Astro Flyer on Facebook is one of those “ships to you” that I’ve been seeing a lot of lately. Anyhow, I messaged the guy and he says he’s in Fletcher Ok. Since I don’t know this guy I’m not going to send him any money, but was thinking that if anyone here lives in or...
  8. Alan Griffin

    Test to upload photo

    Hopefully this picture will load. It’s a teat to see if I did it right. I picked this Schwinn camelback Speedster up Friday. Was suppose to be a 24”, but turned out to be a 26”. I have plans for the seat, but have to repair the bottom pan first...
  9. Alan Griffin

    Schwinn Speedster what year?

    I just picked up this Speedster, but can't find a serial number on the head tube or the left rear drop out. Is there any other place it could be? It's blue, has a camelback frame ans 26" S5 wheel. Any help will be greatly appreciated!
  10. Alan Griffin

    Schwinn 24" Camelback frame and fork

    Does anyone have a 24" camelback frame and fork? I have some stuff I could trade, or could buy outright. Campus Green or Sky Blue would be my first choices for color, but any would be considered. Thanks.
  11. Alan Griffin

    Jokers Wild

    This is a China made Schwinn Stingray knock off that I picked up in April last year from a scrap metal place. The springer forks were broken and the overall condition poor, but the frame was straight and useable, so I drug it home and throw it in the stash for a future project. I am currently...
  12. Alan Griffin

    schwinn rams horn handlebars

    I'm looking for a set of Schwinn Rams Horn handlebars dated 1967 to replace the ones taken off my Rams Horn Fastback years ago. Thank you.
  13. Alan Griffin

    67 Schwinn Fastback

    I just picked up a Fastback a few days ago. Serial #ECxxxxx, so if my information is correct that makes it a May 1967 build. A few things that puzzle me about this bike is that it is painted Campus Green which isn't listed in the Schwinn catalogs until 1968. Another thing I find curious is that...
  14. Alan Griffin

    King RayKing finished

    Well I Got'er Done! and been riding around the neighborhood enjoying it. I will be taking it to the Rat Rod Rumble in Lebanon Tn this fall and to the Get a Grip bicycle show in Cleveland Tn. next spring. Hope to see some of you there! next spring.
  15. Alan Griffin

    Schwinn Midget

    I only just found out that Schwinn made a 16" Midget Stingray! I'd like to build one up for my grandson when he comes to visit. Anyone here have one they'd part with?
  16. Alan Griffin

    How do I read this date code?

    This is the crank off of a Schwinn lil chik. How do I read the date?
  17. Alan Griffin

    Schwinn kick stand

    I need a kickstand for a 24 inch Schwinn canti frame for my King Ray build. I was going to shorten one from a 26" frame but it doesm't seem to fit in through the mounting hole correctly. Also, if anyone has a green occ stingray chain guard I may be interested in that too. Thanks, Alan.
  18. Alan Griffin

    Ugly Schwinn frame

    Yesterday I bought some old junk bikes, and in the pile was this ugly 26" Schwinn canti frame. The serial numbers start with "AJ" which translates into Jan. ' 73. It appears to have originally been yellow as I found some of the original markings on the yellow paint. These brown forks obviously...
  19. Alan Griffin

    RRBBO13 King Ray

    I'm sure this has been done before, so nothing too exciting here. I wanted to build an over sized Sting Ray by combining the handle bars and banana seat with a 24 inch frame. I know that Schwinn made a Manta Ray but it had a light weight frame with 1 3/8 inch tires. I wanted the heavier frame...