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  1. nelvolks


    Ok RRBBuilders the time is here and finally I can say that I am done. It has been a crazy few months but they have been worth it for me being able to be part of this build off and also watch, comment on everyone with their builds and learn a lot in the process. There are alot of awesome bikes...
  2. nelvolks


    Alright so after thinking about wether I would be able to have a bike for the build off (found one) and being convinced more and more by fellow RRBiker "yoothegeye" I decided that I am going for it. With many talented builders on this site I know that my chances are not that great, but if there...
  3. nelvolks

    Pennys Muscle Bike

    I bought this Pennys 20" muscle bike from craigslist the other day for 25 bucks. I think its so cool looking and after looking for a year for a muscle bike for cheap I finally found another project to work on. Just curious if anyone know any info on these bikes and if they are worth anything...
  4. nelvolks

    72 Ross Cruiser aka Molly's Daisy.

    Ever since my wife saw my cruiser she kept telling me that she wanted one. So after looking for a few days I found this bike on craigslist. Picked it up for 15 bucks and brought it home. A few weeks and 33 bucks later I finally finished restoring the bike for her. I used all original parts...
  5. nelvolks

    72 Raleigh 3 Speed to Cruiser

    A few weeks ago I ran into an add on craigslist where a guy was selling bikes from his backyard. I called him and set up a meeting to go look at the bikes he had. Upon arrival as I stepped into the back yard I spotted this bike and immediately decided to take it along with me. I brought it...
  6. nelvolks

    Homemade clipper by columbia headbadge

    Hello everyone I just thought that I would share my little project that I decided to do for my bike. I recently just rebuild/restored a clipper by columbia to rat rod style that I bought for cheap. I was tossing my head on wether to buy a headbadge or make my own. I decided to make my own...
  7. nelvolks

    Newbie first rebuild/restore-Clipper by Columbia (UPDATE).

    Hello everyone, My name is Nelson and ever since I saw my best friends columbia cruiser he rebuild, I was hooked and had to find my own to restore. I started on the search to find a columbia cruiser and when talking to a co-worker and finding out that he has a side business with bicycles I had...