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  1. hewey

    Interview with Aaron Bethlenfalvy - Designer for Dyno, Nirve, Schwinn etc

    Interview with Aaron Bethlenfalvy - head of design at GT Bikes who introduced legendary Dyno models like the Taboo Tiki and Mooneyes special, not to mention designing models like Nirve's Switchblade chopper frame, and a bunch of other cool work too! Really interesting guy and stoked to be able...
  2. hewey

    Bare Metal Electra - The Porteur

    This is my bare alloy Electra Custom, inspired by European porteur style bikes. The original build was much more along the lines of a dragster, however I decided to build a bike I could carry picnic food on during rides with my wife. Highlights include: * Bare metal brushed alloy frame...
  3. hewey

    Bare Metal Electra

    This is my 'Electra Custom'. Doesn't seem to be a common model, but I love the shape of the frame with the middle tube. Only been ridden a couple of times, still in near mint condition. Time to pull it apart :nod: The overall plan is build a tough take on the Delivery model, with a bit of...
  4. hewey

    The Blue Mountains, Australia

    So in October of last year, my wife and I bought our first house, in the Blue Mountains. We're about 2 hours west of Sydney, in Australia. I'll start with some pics of our house. It was built sometime in the 90s, which means it looks cute but doesnt have nasties like lead paint. I'm lucky to...
  5. hewey

    32ft hand painted sign for street art laneway gallery

    So recently I was lucky enough to be given the privilege of painting the main signage for a local street art installation. Called The Street Art Walk, the installation saw over 20 artists from both Australia and overseas come together to create a street art gallery in a dingy old laneway. Most...
  6. hewey

    Our wedding with a bunch of old cars

    About a month back I got married to my gorgeous wife. We love all things old and patina'd, so our wedding was always going to have plenty of that on offer. I even got into her vows to me "I understand that your ideal number of bikes will always be just one more" :lol: :lol: :lol: We own the...
  7. hewey

    Dyno Roadster

    Finally got around to giving my Dyno Roadster a quick rebuild to better suite its style. This is how it looked when I originally bought it: I found another Dyno on ebay which became a parts donor, and I have now upgraded the wheels, tyres, forks, stem, handlebars etc. Just needs some new grips...
  8. hewey

    Orange Dyno board tracker

    This is my Dyno based board tracker. Sometimes less is more 8)
  9. hewey

    Dragster inspired Dyno

    So my fiance and I had been talking about taking our bikes with us when we visited relos at Easter. Two nights before we were due to go away, I realised I didnt have a cruiser that was rideable to take :shock: This orange bike was missing its rolling stock, seat and seat post, and handlebars...
  10. hewey

    Top Bike Trophy

    So last year I put my hand up to help by making a trophy for Top Kustom Bike at a rod run in Canberra (Australia's capital). I figured it was a good way to support the run, it was an excuse for an art project, and I love bikes :wink: There's a full step by step of pics on my blog, but here's...
  11. hewey

    The Gentleman's Picnic - Dyno Roadster

    This whole bike build was plagued with problems for me :? After a very slow start and neglible progress I bought a Dyno Roadster (very rare in Australia), and about the same time the date for the next Sydney tweed ride was announced (yesterday), so that prompted a bike swap for the build off...
  12. hewey

    Cruising Sydney with some top show cars

    Last night I was lucky enough to jag a spot on a cruise through Sydney organised by Mario Colalillo, arguably one of the best Aussie custom car builders ever! Mario doesn't do anything by halves it seems and his idea of a small cruise with a few mates is no different! I did a write up on my...
  13. hewey

    Sydney by rat rod (pics)

    Today was a cracker of a day so I took my kustom kruiser out for a spin and explore of Sydney, thought you guys might enjoy the pics. A bunch more pics and a complete run down on my blog: Not a bad ol place we've got eh...
  14. hewey

    Dyno Roadster "The Gentleman's Picnic" wood slat rack pg2

    EDIT: I invoked my ability to swap bikes, scroll down for Dyno pics Okay after really enjoying last year's build off I've decided to throw my hat into the ring again and have another go. I've decided to build up my long-stillborn project which is a GT Windstream. The original thread is here...
  15. hewey

    Cyclone Yasi about to hit Australia (hurricane)

    A couple of weeks ago the Aussie state of Queensland was being battered by shocking floods. Today the same state is about to get absolutely blasted by Cyclone Yasi, and the thing is massive. For a sense of scale, the satellite imagery of it has been superimposed over a map of the US. The eye...
  16. hewey

    Handmade bike frame build (vid link)

    I thought folks on here might appreciate the fab work in this handbuilt bike. Not a rat, but beautiful work just the same :D
  17. hewey

    Aussie floods - you okay Bean?

    I dont know how much you guys might have heard, but in Australia we've got floods basically up and down the entire east coast :shock: To put it in comparison, the area under flood is the same size as Germany and France combined! This gives you some idea of the speed at which some of the...
  18. hewey

    Giant Simple Flat Tracker

    Well after raiding my Giant Simple for parts when I built my KK Glide Deluxe as a board tracker, I was left with almost a bare frame again :roll: A couple of days ago I was in a bike shop in the country and found some downhill forks in their bargain bin - basically these puppies are brand new...
  19. hewey

    Pics of rats with downhill mtb forks/triple clamp mtb forks?

    I'm looking for pics of rats and cruisers with downhill forks or triple clamp forks, anyone got some? :mrgreen: I can vagually remember seeing a Felt chopper on here with some on there, but be buggered if I can find it again :roll: :lol:
  20. hewey

    Some pics from todays ride (Sydney)

    So today there was a vintage surf/kustom kulture kind of event that I went to in Sydney (more pics in other talk. I threw my Taboo Tiki into my ute and drove over to check it out. The bike on display And then I got itchy feet so I left the ute on display and went for a cruise up to the local...