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  1. slow rider

    the start of Wheely King AKA (Lead Sled) bike

    I will be turning this heave chromoly bike in to hope fully some thing you all will dig as much as me! :) will start with this frame 20" DK S.O.B it will Wheelie for days!
  2. slow rider

    just showing some of my bike builds.

    ;D just some of mine I may post more latter on. SCHWINN 7 speed 20" SCHWINN 6 speed 26" Huffy single speed 26" home weld streach cruiser 3 speed Rat Rod 3 wheeler RAT Rod and my newest build a Freestyle Tandum
  3. slow rider

    My new Junky Poop of a RAT Rod bike build

    ok first I heared of a build off at MBF ( ben a member for years so dug threw my junk pile of bike frames and parts. I started withe this rust pile of frames I am just not shure what one? it will kinda be a low rider left for dead. IE some one built a cool...
  4. slow rider

    my low and rusty Rat SPEED RACER!

    well this is my low and rusty 3 speed Rat (SPEED RACER)! I like this pic and so do others so this is it!
  5. slow rider

    SPEED RACER is finished!

    I think my three speed Rat Rod bike is done ? I may add sadel bags but I think it's done. I took it and road it all day 4th of july week end. when they closed off PCH highway and let only bikes on it no cars! 8) it got lots Holly **** did you see that bike! so I think that means it's there on...
  6. slow rider

    building my new RAT ROD bike need help with the name please

    my Rat Rod Bike #6 build of bike its down to just painting on the name and adding some small stuff. but cant nail down the name for it. these are some of my thoughts for naming this Low Lean and Mean RAt ROD bike. SPEED RACER SILVER RUST BUCKET ) THE RUSTY RAT THE JUNK YARD SPECIAL...
  7. slow rider

    Slow Rider from Huntington Beach CA.

    I was born in 1970. I love all types of bikes. any thing you can pedal is cool. I collect/ restore and some times customize vintage STINGRAY BIKES, BMX, GAS TANK CRUISER's as well as build and ride newer bikes. I got the nick name slow rider from friends because I have a hard time leaving a...
  8. slow rider

    SPEED RACER (it's a done bike!)

    seen all the cool bikes being built. desided to join the fun! hope I am not to late to play? here is the frame I think I will use. 1993 BALANCE BMX. just tired of building stingrays and gas tank cruisers. so wanted some thing you dont see every day. some of the parts I may use. :| but not...