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  1. Southfield10

    Kali Kat - Class 1

    Just saw the build off started when I checked in this weekend - I was kinda expecting an email announcement? I'm glad we have until February. I purchased this 1977 Murray Fire Kat in the condition shown. Wrong and strange sissy bar and seat, kludged rear fender, rattle can paint everywhere...
  2. Southfield10

    Fiesta Ray Completed

    The 1967 custom "Stingray" is complete minus a little 3 speed tweaking.... Its a compressed frame bike but now uses a Stingray length crank, 1970+ handlebars, a set of S-7 wheels with a 3 speed, a Fairlady rear fender, and a fork that I had bent from a 26" Breeze with a Wald mini front fender...
  3. Southfield10

    Fiesta-Ray MBBO Class 2

    I picked up this girls 1967 Fiesta a while back as part of a "package deal". The 67 Fastback handlebars and grips made it worthwhile. (is that seat wrong or what?) As far as I know, 67 & 68 were the last of the 20" tank bikes. The frame is a bit wee - like a Lil Chik but the tank makes it...
  4. Southfield10

    Help with background on a unique bike

    I posted this on the 20" Muscle Bikes page on Facebook so if this is redundant I apologize. Hello everyone. I wondered if you could help me with information about a bike I have? I can't find any information on the web or even a picture. Its a Marubeni Yamaguchi - "Benny". It is very unique but...
  5. Southfield10

    (MBBO #5 Class 1) 1968? Columbia Playbike

    The beginning. Not going for perfect - going to save what I can including the paint. Needs a re-chromed front rim as some "artist" sprayed the whole thing silver. Wrong handlebars and needs a headbadge, sissy bar, and seat. There is not a ton of info out there on what was original for this so...