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  1. truckd

    2 Custom Built PK 80's

    I have 2 Custom Built PK80 engines for sale.... No need to look else where then sink a ton of $ into a Janky engine. These engines are DONE and ready to be installed Both have been port matched , intake and exhaust have been ported and performance enhancements added as well as quality parts and...
  2. truckd

    19? Shaplegh 28" er

    I need some help with positive I.D. on maker of this Shapleigh Bicycle considered to in the category of Private Labeled bicycles. Is the manufacturer Emblem, Pope, Westfield or Columbia components are of a much earlier bike, check out the forks definitely not those featured in the 1935...
  3. truckd

    Ol Blue

    This is another shot of the Ol Blue Man PK 80/69cc ported Intake & exhaust, Cns Carb b7hs spark plug, and balanced crank, head swirled and resurfaced, billet clutch and magneto covers as well as a lot of other trick stuff. Enjoy!
  4. truckd

    O'l Blue

    [IMG] This is Ol' Blue a new Micargi Huntington stretched cruiser re-desighned to a 30's era appeal. Basiclly everything on this bike is custom and high qaulity (it's for sale too!) I love the way it came out and will do another. The next one which I'll post as I build is a Sportsmanflyer Deluxe...