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  1. James Webber

    Poop Bike

    Farm score. Good plans for this one as you'll see. Picked it up with bird poop on the frame. New tires and a clear coat over the frame is where I'm at rn. Pretty much the only things staying are the frame/ handle bars (which I plan to cut) and maybe the rims.
  2. James Webber

    Sears Fixie Build

    Hey there. So I just got done fixing up some old Schwinns and suddenly another bike finds its way into my life. This one is a Sears bike. Oh yeah. This baby screams ugly. But it also screams potential. This babe is gonna get the oh so hipster fixie style redo. My girlfriend got it for...
  3. James Webber

    From the PNW

    Hey all. I am from Washington state, where the moss grows on everything at an uncontrollable rate. I am 18, college student at WSU. Love all things retro. I really enjoy things that are made of metal, and have character. Patina is mother natures gift to make things cool. I have some vintage...
  4. James Webber

    What do I have?

    I dont know too much about bikes. I am not in the bike scene quite yet. I am very much into the aircooled volkswagen scene. Maybe I will mount this bike on my 1967 beetle. This bike was my uncles growing up. I believe the speedo is an accessory. The color is Sierra brown I believe. I put new...