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  1. bikeriderx

    Rideable Art Bike

    Learn more at:
  2. bikeriderx

    ~Critical Mass Chicago Sept. 24~

    Sorry for the short notice... :oops: I just found out about it this morning:
  3. bikeriderx

    Krusty Corvette 5 Speed

    It's amazing how these things work out (sometimes... :lol: ) I have wanted a red Corvette for quite awhile but just never could make a deal on one...You know, a bike shows up but no $$...Got the $$ but no bikes for sale...Well the aunt of one of my neighbors passed away recently (RIP) and he...
  4. bikeriderx

    From One Extreme To Another...

    Since I've been on vacation this week...I've had time to tinker with the bikes. I had gotten bored with the ape-hanger look of my red rat bike, so I did a little parts swappin'... Where I began: Mis-matched pink fork, 24" front wheel with knobby tire...And a 2.125 WW rear tire... Cool...
  5. bikeriderx

    A Quick Rat For My Son...

    Awhile back I was looking for a small cantilever frame bike that I could rat out for my son, Tony. I eventually found this beat-up Schwinn Hurricane: It's a '79 or '80... I paid a little too much for it...As you can see the fork is bent. So on our 4th of July ride Tony was saying how he...
  6. bikeriderx

    1936 Packard 120 B

    So, I'm out for my weekly Sunday morning coffee and doughnut and what do I see but this: It's for sale, PM me for contact info. :mrgreen:
  7. bikeriderx

    My Father's Day Gift...

    I stopped by an antique mall on my home from the landfill Saturday. Several of the vendors were set up outside. This one caught my eye... So I bought it! :mrgreen: 1954...I'm pretty sure it has aftermarket fenders. I even think I'll leave the basket on for now... :wink:
  8. bikeriderx

    Memorial Day Parade, 2010 Pics!

    Here are some pics of the parade I attended with a few of my vintage bike buds! It was in Mishawaka IN. We had a great time :D ...Despite being rained on! :x Staging and on the parade route: Even though we were representing a more vintage bike theme...Where there are...
  9. bikeriderx

    "Quick" L.E.D. Headlight Conversion

    I was tinkering with my '57 Schwinn straight bar...I wanted to have a working headlight for some up-coming rides. So I had this one on hand, and this flashlight that I had gotten for Christmas: Looks like the LEDs will fit... So here we go: Blow everything up: The LED bundle: Since...
  10. bikeriderx

    Happy Birthday Rat Rod!!

    :mrgreen: Happy Birthday Steve! :mrgreen: Thanks for all you've done!
  11. bikeriderx

    Sunday Evening Rat

    I got this 1957 Schwinn from a co-worker yesterday (Saturday) and I wanted to get it rideable. The guy I bought it from said "for some reason the rear tire keeps going flat..." As it turned out, several of the spokes were run past the nipples and had shredded the tube. :roll: So rather than...
  12. bikeriderx

    Buyin' When I Shoulda' Been Buildin'...

    I didn't get much done on the Build-Off Bike today...But I did get a couple of sweet rides...A co-worker of mine, who I had previously bought my XL Chopper from, has been bugging me to buy a couple of bikes from him...So today I did: Feb, 1974 BK***** Speedster: It's kinda ironic...The...
  13. bikeriderx

    This edition of: "Can this wheel be saved...?"

    One of the kids in my neighborhood dropped his bike off to me to fix the chain. One of the links had come apart...So after I sorted that out, I see that the rear wheel is taco'd REEEAAALL good...So I pulled it off and settled in for some bench work...:shock: That's better... Back...
  14. bikeriderx

    Headset won't stay tight?

    The locknut for steering head bearings on my '61 Jaguar won't stay tight...I R&R'd both bearings with new. R&R the race on the steerer tube (fork) and on the head tube (frame). I adjusted the pre-load so that there wasn't any slop and tightened the locknut. I rode 10 miles today and when I got...
  15. bikeriderx

    TBA...(Free Ride?)Now thinking:Got Lucky!)

    I'm in! With this: So the story goes...Awhile back, a comrade of mine posted to our BBS at work that he was interested in old bikes and if anyone had any that they wanted to get rid of for free, or for sale if it was something good, to let him know...Well he didn't get many responses...
  16. bikeriderx

    Blossmtime Ride-St. Joe Michigan

    Hey! Join us for the inaugural Blossomtime Vintage Bike Ride! We're meeting at the Krasl Art Center, 707 Lake Blvd, Saint Joseph MI 49085 at 12:00 and plan to ride the parade route.
  17. bikeriderx


    This has got to be one of the "best" "worst" made for T.V. movies I've seen in a long time! Check this trailer out: :lol: :lol:
  18. bikeriderx

    Death Race 2010: Motor'd Bikes!

    A pal of mine in really into building motor bikes. Spooky Tooth is a supplier of engines and parts and they sponsor an annual race. Here's a link to a video of 2009's race: Looks like TOO much fun!! :mrgreen:
  19. bikeriderx

    Downhill Snow Biking!

    Check out this from a ski resort near me...I wish I'd known about it before, I would have gone! :mrgreen:
  20. bikeriderx

    New Firefox Fan!

    Hey I just started using Mozilla Firefox...Man! That's cool!! :mrgreen: