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    Guam guy living in SoCal!

    I feel like I’ve been living under a rock even after living ON a rock 🤣
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    Guam guy living in SoCal!

    Thank you sir!
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    Huffy score

    Good stuff! I just bought 2 at a yard sale! a Men’s AND women’s pair of Cranbrooks! If they “don’t have love” for a particular bike, then they they should quit the game IMHO.
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    MTB ride: I was poorly equipped for this :D

    Great stuff! You had the “oh crap!” face all the way through from the top
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    What did it for you? why did you get hooked on bikes and hooked on this web site?

    I’m pretty confident that my story mirrors everyone else’s 😂 Went from bikes, to RC cars and models, skateboarding, rollerblades, bodyboarding, real cars, firearms, everything is like a yo-yo effect, you go back into it and then you quit again when the money dries up, then you go back again...
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    Guam guy living in SoCal!

    Thanks Wildcat!
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    Guam guy living in SoCal!

    Sup guys and girls! I didn’t know ratrod bikes existed! I thought I was the only one that built junkers because I love them over lowrider show bikes! Lots of cool build projects to come.