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    Phoenix area swap meet?

    I don't currently have a rat bike bike but have some ideas and would love to get together with some like minds. Maybe we could stir it up a bit!!!! Contact me! Mike
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    Full fenders

    Have an idea for a bike that would need the full fenders with sides. Is there a place to buy them to mod, or is it mod all the way? Need all the help I can get here.
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    The Desert Stormer; Test Ride Report!

    Where are you located? I am in Chandler, and though I do not YET have a homebuilt RatRod I have several ideas in the works. I do have a Felt M.P.Cruiser currently, and think the two of us out for a ride might make them turn heads as well. I live in Chandler and would love to year from you. I...