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  1. kngtmat

    Kngtmat BMX

    Thanks. I have done that before. But it never worked. I had Photobucket until their limit having to pay extra. Which now Flickr is doing the same thing until a certain number.
  2. kngtmat

    Kngtmat BMX

    Ridable update on it.
  3. kngtmat

    Kngtmat's Finds

    I found this Dyno that I think is a Zone today. The frame looks great with some scratches. Some of the decals came off and freewheel is stuck. Also the chrome looks good under surface rust and needs cleaned.
  4. kngtmat

    Murray Comber 6 sp

    Nice. If the decal is on above the bottom bracket it will have the year on it. Also the Stem has the year as well. Definitely 90's since the name decal is like my 94 Monterey.
  5. kngtmat

    Murray Monterey

    As said it's an 94. Just like mine.
  6. kngtmat

    New ? 26" mags , Cruiser , w/apes

    I should have said single speed like the Kokomo has. I looked at those in store and they look too wide because of the multiple speed it has.
  7. kngtmat

    New ? 26" mags , Cruiser , w/apes

    Ok I didn't see this thread when I searched. in the old Walmart thread. I saw that as well and I really like it. I wouldn't mind one with 24 inch mags.
  8. kngtmat


    I saw one of these locally. Schwinn Kokomo 27.5 mag wheels and a welded on fake tank without the bottom. $199.00
  9. kngtmat

    SOLD 1980 Mongoose Motomag

    Nice. Earlier today I saw a 1987 ATB for $80 at a pawn shop in really good condition.
  10. kngtmat

    3 Speed Thumb Shifter Into A Stick Shifter?

    Cool. I don't think I am going to make it too much longer than it is. Find something light as the thumb shift lever and clamp it onto it. Then later on down the road change it with a blue lever itself from busted original X24 brakes and clamp it on too. This is the one I bought that is...
  11. kngtmat

    3 Speed Thumb Shifter Into A Stick Shifter?

    Anyone ever try to turn a Sturmey Archer 3 speed thumb shifter into a stick shift? I know there are stick shifters available but the thumb shifters are less than $20 which is why I got one of them. Especially at $50 to over $100 that I have seen for new & old one's. It's for a Murray X24...
  12. kngtmat

    Grey Ghost Stingray ....'S Sporting Goods

    That's weird. The link for some reason is not working here yet it still works when clicking it on Schwinn's FB page. It's the same exact link with no variation too. 1400 of them and...
  13. kngtmat

    Grey Ghost Stingray ....'S Sporting Goods

    I got an email from Schwinn and a link for another Stingray for $399. Edit- Apparently the site censored the stores name.
  14. kngtmat


    I would like to see them do some 24's as well.
  15. kngtmat


    I just saw this on eBay when looking for old wheel discs just to look. Here is their site look good to me anyways and will have more colors soon. Looks not too bad to me.
  16. kngtmat

    2017 Schwinn Phantom

    $379.99 Black 3 speed. Dual top bar from dropouts to the head tube.
  17. kngtmat

    Ghost in the pic

    Cool. A very small shadow glimpse of a second in the future.
  18. kngtmat


    That thing is sweet. I had imagined making a Christine bike just like that with fins on both sides and dual headlights if I ever had tons of money for it. Also maybe 4 wheeled.
  19. kngtmat


    Cool frame and free is free. Although if I won I would probably end up trading it for a muscle bike or a 70's motocross/80's BMX as it would probably sit like the other projects I have.