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  1. dorr

    GET-A-GRIP Inc. #10 November 6, 2021

    10 years strong and still here! Why? It is the same answer every year, the attendees. People say it is like a great family reunion. Therefore we say come and join our family! Every year people drive upwards to 500 miles to get here, so isn't time you came? Check us out on Youtube or follow...
  2. dorr

    Official Video of GET-A-GRIP Inc #9 See what you missed.

    Here is our official video of GET-A-GRIP Inc. #9 November 7, 2020 in Cleveland TN. See what you missed!
  3. dorr

    GET-A-GRIP Inc #9 NEW DATE November 7, 2020

    Same great show you have come to love is now on November 7, 2020! Same Great Place, Same Great Time just a new date thanks to Corona! Please follow our facebook page Get A Grip Bicycle Show for all the latest and greatest!!! See you There!!!
  4. dorr

    GET-A-GRIP Inc. #9 March 28, 2020 Cleveland TN

    GET-A-GRIP Inc. #9 March 28, 2020 Cleveland TN. You have heard about us from 2012 when we started a Bicycle show and swap meet to raise money in the fight against cancer. Nine years later we are still here and bigger and better than ever. Please read our attached flyer or better yet follow us...
  5. dorr

    Front wheel for a 1950 Panther

    Does not have to be perfect but be straight, roll and have all the spokes with no rust outs. The one that was on the bike was decent but just too rusty with pieces missing. Thanks for your help!
  6. dorr

    Official 2019 GET-A-GRIP Inc. Bicycle/Ride-On's Show Video

    Thanks to everyone who makes this the best show around. For those of you who have still not tried it? Here is a glimpse into what you missed!
  7. dorr

    Looking for a tank for 1950 Schwinn Panther

    This past weekend I picked up a 1950 Schwinn Panther. I am interested in buying a tank for it. If you have one to sell, Thanks! or if you know of someone selling Re-pops, Thanks! I just thought the bike would look more complete when done with a tank. Thanks for your time! Here is a shot of...
  8. dorr

    GET-A-GRIP Inc. 2019 Show, Swap Meet and Poker Run!

    What does the day look like at GET-A-GRIP Inc. 2019? We provide a live DJ playing music and keeping you informed, food vendors so you don't go hungry and a huge playground for kids. Now here is just a small example of some of the other things that happen in the quick 5 hours. 10 AM doors open...
  9. dorr

    1939 Wishbone Shelby: Tank and Chain guard wanted

    I purchased a 1939 Wishbone Shelby and would like to find the large Chain Guard and the tank. Any help is appreciated along with price and shipping cost to Tenn. Thanks for your help.
  10. dorr

    Official 2018 GET-A-GRIP Bicycle & Ride-On's Show Video!

    See what you missed!
  11. dorr

    GET-A-GRIP #7 Bicycle Show, Swap Meet & Ride-Ons Show & Swap meet

    One of the largest events of its kind in the USA right here in the state of TN; raising money in the fight against Cancer. Starting back in 2012, the GET-A-GRIP Bicycle Show, Swap Meet & Ride-On’s Show & Swap Meet is now one of the must attend events of the year. Located at Stuart School, 802...
  12. dorr

    Basman Project 346 Frame

    I am interested in purchasing the Basman Project 346 (frame only) Let me know price and shipping and we can see if we can work a deal. Shipping to TN. 37323 Thanks for your time!
  13. dorr

    1968 Sears Screamer Need Help Please,

    I am attempting to restore a 1968 Sears Screamer. From the ad picture, I cannot tell if the color is yellow or gold? I am thinking gold since the handlebar tape is gold? I am in need of a chain guard and rear fender. Is anyone repopiing the longer rear fender as this is little longer than...
  14. dorr

    1968 Screamer chain guard neeeded

    I am attempting to restore a 1968 Screamer. Someone decided the chainguard was not needed before I got it and also the rear fender. I am willing to trade chain guard for chain guard if you like one of the three I have posted. Or if the price is reasonable I could purchase using paypal...
  15. dorr

    GET-A-GRIP Bicycle and Wagon Show, Swap Meet, Poker Run March 25, 2017

    2017 is here and advertising is in full swing for the GET-A-GRIP Bicycle Show, Swap Meet and Poker Run. Never heard of us? Check us out on Youtube and Facebook under the same name: "GET-A-GRIP Bicycle Show" This year it will fall on March 25, 2017 at the same location: Stuart School 802 20th...
  16. dorr

    Christmas Parade This Saturday December 3rd Cleveland TN.

    If you would like to get your shiny bike out and show it off in a Christmas Parade, Have I got a deal for you. This Saturday in Cleveland TN. Get-A-Grip is participating in our local Christmas Parade to promote our bicycle show that takes place each 4th Saturday in March. The parade will pull...
  17. dorr

    What year is this Road Master D10985

    I purchased this original Road Master for our give away bike for 2017 at the Get A Grip Bicycle Show in Cleveland TN. We give away a bike each year and will be keeping this one by our side this year as we advertise the show for the fourth Saturday in March of 2017. It has cleaned up very nice...
  18. dorr

    Chattanooga TN River Walk Bicycle Ride

    Our monthly bicycle ride on the River Walk in Chattanooga TN is this Saturday April 30, 2016. We will meet at Chickamauga Dam where the River Walk starts at 9:45 am and pull out at 10 am Sharp! Come and join us as we ride to downtown Chattanooga for a bite to eat for lunch and then ride back...
  19. dorr

    First Ever! Chattanooga Halloweeen Lunch Ride Oct 31, 2015

    First Ever Chattanooga Halloween Lunch Ride Saturday, October 31, 2015 on the River Walk Greenway in Chattanooga TN. We encourage everyone to come out and enjoy a 16 mile Bike ride, round trip, on one of the most scenic bicycle Greenways in TN. We will meet at Chickamauga Dam at 9:30 am to...