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  1. Granite State Rollsters

    (MBBO Class 2) GSR 1000

    Ok so it's been since rrbbo7 but I'm back! Started a home grown bicycle repair and customization shop and called it Granite State Rollsters so RIP Easyrider420 and hello GSR! I don't really know what the end result of this build Will be but I have a frame picked a tin can Sears three speed hub...
  2. Granite State Rollsters

    The American Immigrant (formerly Clueless)

    Well its my first build, I lost a bunch of time because i had to move and other variables but i did it. Here she is in all her glory She cost me a total of 16 bucks to build no repaint just the way its supposed to be RAT. hope you like it! The Three Pictures together is my attempt at an...
  3. Granite State Rollsters

    My W.I.P. "Batchetman Beach cruiser"

    sorry I dont have any working pics but i recently went through a big flood almost a year ago now and lost most everything i own luckily this bike was the first thing in the back of the truck!!!! lol So it started as the black bike on the left.... Then I turned it into this with the help of...
  4. Granite State Rollsters

    Clueless finally has a theme!!! haha better late than never!

    So i Totally Scored an old Executive "Super De Luxxe" 3-speed totally original except for the seat. little late in the build off (like last year) only this time Im not gettin discouraged by it!!! I have no Clue What Im gonna do with it yet so maybe ill call it, Clueless. Yeah totally My build...
  5. Granite State Rollsters

    a little unsure...

    I came across a Firestone 500 yesterday and it seems to be in good shape (for the most part) its still red and white and everything seemed to move freely and it still has all the fenders and chain guard, missin a tank though, I think. anyways I've always built muscle bikes but i want and old...
  6. Granite State Rollsters

    New Style, Cheap, Functional Springer.

    Now Im not that "lemme tell you how i did it" kind of guy but these pictures should be enough to start a whole slew of ideas, ENJOY!!! -Easy Rider
  7. Granite State Rollsters

    A wicked Whats up from New Hampsha!!!

    I love rat bikes I got an occ stingray for my everyday rider that everyone wants me to powdercoat but they just dont understand. I think this site is "wicked Awwsome" lol. hope to get many tips and hints as well as pass a few on!!! thanks for lettin me be part of the Community. -Easy Rider