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  1. HDratz

    RIP Charlie Watts

    Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts passed away yesterday, Aug. 24 2021.
  2. HDratz

    Saw my stolen bike yesterday!

    So about 2008-09 someone stole my at the time favorite bike I had ever owned, a 1998 (iirc) Specialized Hardrock. Not an upper echelon mountain bike I realize, but I loved that bike. Never saw it again... until yesterday. I saw a guy sitting on it having a conversation with someone else, on the...
  3. HDratz

    Gravity run

    This looks like fun! Actually I've done it, but on a mountain bike.
  4. HDratz

    Cassette To Single For Cruiser Ebike?

    So, I'm getting ready to build my second ebike. To that end I have purchased a 1000 watt rear hubmotor kit with the typical 7 speed cassette. But I want to put the wheel in either a Worksman, Husky or Schwinn Heavy Duti frame. Is there a way I can eliminate the cassette and convert the wheel to...
  5. HDratz

    Schwinn Heavi-Duti Front Hubmotor Ebike

    This section needs more activity, so here's my 1972 HD with a 1000 watt front hubmotor and 52V Li battery mounted on the original rear rack. I use this for my daily ride to the mailbox, which is a bit over a mile round trip. It has the original rear wheel and 20T sprocket. Crankset is original...
  6. HDratz

    A couple of quirks

    I have a couple of things going on. The first is that I always have to sign in even though I click the box to stay signed in. It's just this forum, too: other forums keep me signed if if I click the box. Second, every time I sign in I have to opt out of push notifications even though I always...
  7. HDratz

    Husky HD

    I bought this frame new from Husky. It had a sticker on it that leads me to believe they get the frames from Haro. I also got a wheelset, fork (Sunlite chrome springer) and a few other small parts from Husky. The wheels have steel rims, 11g spokes and a Shimano coaster brake hub. Chainring is...
  8. HDratz

    HDratz intro

    Hello all; I'm glad to be here! I've been reading the forum for probably about a week and figured it was time to join. I grew up in the late '60s and '70s with a succession of Schwinn bicycles, then minibikes and motorcycles, cars and trucks etc. Always been into pretty much anything with wheels...